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Larry Warner was a deputy sheriff for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for six years.  Today, Larry Warner is executive director of b a ministry which provides spiritual direction, contemplative retreats, and holistic leadership development for pastors, ministry leaders, and church staffs. Warner is also a spiritual director and an adjunct professor at Bethel Seminary in San Diego, and he directs the training and ongoing development of spiritual directors. Larry Warner is the co-author of Imaginative Prayer for Youth Ministry: A Guide to Transforming Your Student's Spiritual Life into Journey, Adventure, and Encounter.


According to the book description of Imaginative Prayer for Youth Ministry: A Guide to Transforming Your Student's Spiritual Life into Journey, Adventure, and Encounter, “Have you ever been in the middle of a really great explanation of Gods love, and then you look into the eyes of your students and you know they don’t get it? They’re not confused. They just aren’t impacted by the best news in the history of the world. Have you ever been frustrated or felt defeated as they sit there with dull eyes and give you their Sunday school responses? Do you long for them to intimately experience the overwhelming love and comfort, peace and mystery of the person of God? Do you ache for them to see themselves through Christ’s eyes, through eyes of compassion and delight? Now for real honesty do you struggle to experience these truths for yourself?


Then this book is for you. But beware the message in this book is dangerous. The truth contained in these pages, if you choose to embrace it, will lead you into new places with yourself and with God. There’s a recklessness to all this. It doesn’t lead to control or systematized truth, but to freedom, mystery, surprise, and discovery. We pray that this book will help you and your students deeply experience Gods peace, encouragement, comfort, play, challenge, and all-encompassing love through the use of imaginative prayer.”


One reader of Imaginative Prayer for Youth Ministry: A Guide to Transforming Your Student's Spiritual Life into Journey, Adventure, and Encounter said, “I love this book. I bought it without many expectation and have been blown away. The book gives you everything you need to lead your youth into contemplative prayer. You enter into your time with a slow down prayer and meditation after which you being your more focuses time with God built around a narrative and imagination. Some of my kids love it and some don't but anyway you slice it, it's a great spiritual discipline for them to learn.”

About the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department is the largest sheriff's department in the world. In addition to specialized services, such as the Sheriff's Youth Foundation, International Liaison and Employee Support Services, the Department is divided into ten divisions, each headed by a Division Chief.


 There are three patrol divisions (Field Operations Regions I, II and III), Custody Operations Division, Correctional Services Division, Detective Division, Court Services Division, Technical Services Division, Office of Homeland Security, Administrative Services Division, and Leadership and Training Division.


The Sheriff's Department of Los Angeles County was formed in April, 1850. Elections for the office of Sheriff were held annually until 1882, when the term was increased to two years; in 1894 the term was increased to four years. The first Sheriff of Los Angeles County was George T. Burrill and his staff consisted of two Deputies.


Twenty-four men have served Los Angeles County as Sheriff since 1850: nineteen were elected and six were appointed by the Board of Supervisors to serve the unexpired term of their predecessors. Two were killed in the line of duty. Of those appointed, four were re-elected to the office. The youngest man ever elected to the office of Sheriff was William B. Rowland, who was sworn in when he was 25 years old (in 1871), and was re-elected three times. The record for the longest consecutive service goes to Sheriff Eugene Biscailuz, who completed 51 years in the department, from deputy in 1907, to being appointed Sheriff in 1932 and then retiring in 1958. Our previous Los Angeles County Sheriff, Sherman Block, entered the department as a Deputy Sheriff in 1956 and continued up through the ranks until he was appointed by the Board of Supervisors to succeed Sheriff Pitchess in 1982. In June of 1982, Sheriff Block was elected to a full four year term as Sheriff of Los Angeles County.







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