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Laurie Moore received her police commission in 1979, in Austin. She worked police patrol, criminal investigations, and was promoted to Sergeant in 1985. After 1985 until 1992, she worked as a DA investigator as a Sergeant Investigator, and later, Chief Investigator for several District Attorneys in the Central Texas area. In 1992, she moved to Fort Worth to attend law school, and retained her peace officer’s license as a Reserve Tarrant County Deputy Constable. She is still a licensed, commissioned peace officer, and runs a solo law practice in Fort Worth’s Cultural District.

Laurie Moore earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Texas at Austin. She pursued further post-graduate studies in Criminal Justice at Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos, earned her Juris Doctor from Texas Wesleyan University School of Law, and is licensed to practice law in the State of Texas, as well as all Federal Courts.  Laurie Moore is the author of The Wild Orchid Society, The Lady Godiva Murder, Constable’s Run, Constable’s Apprehension, Constable’s Wedding, Simmering Secrets of Weeping Mary and Woman Strangled  - News at Ten.

Publisher’s Weekly said of Woman Strangled  - News at Ten, “The marvelous first in a new romantic suspense series from Moore (Jury Rigged) sparkles with Janet Evanovich–style humor. Aspen Wicklow, a University of North Texas journalism grad down to her last $75, lucks out and lands a plum job on WBFD-TV’s Public Defender in Fort Worth, Tex. Tig Welder, a hotshot gunning for an anchor spot, reminds “Investigative Reporter Barbie” never to try scooping him, while station manager J. Gordon Pfeiffer warns her never to become part of the story. Following either tip isn’t easy after Aspen meets ruggedly handsome Spike Granger, a Johnson County sheriff who’s on a rampage about prison overcrowding. Even more alarming is researching a missing person report on Candy Drummond, who pledged at the same sorority as Aspen . Candy later turns up a strangled corpse. The action hurtles to a cliff-hanging close that includes more than one tantalizing twist sure to leave readers eager for the sequel.”

According to the book description of The Wild Orchid Society, “Three days after Fort Worth homicide detective Cezanne Martin solves the Lady Godiva Murder, the media is still looking for dirt. The case left the PD reeling from a political black eye, and the Chief is depending on Cezanne to save his hide. When she's made head of a newly formed Cold Case Squad investigating the eight-year-old Great Dane Murder, Cezanne realizes that she's been set up to fail.”

One reader of The Wild Orchid Society said, “Don't let the cover frighten you, well maybe just a little. Ms Moore has given us a protagonist in Cezanne Martin that proves to be human. "Zan" has the depth of character to keep her wits about her through all the challenges anyone could be asked to face. This includes the confidence and determination to venture where her authority as police Captain and even the ability to defend herself or call for back up are taken away from her. We glimpse a part of her humanity that the stern exterior covers well. With her combined strengths and weaknesses, Cezanne perseveres through a high tension and well developed mystery. I didn't figure out, "who done it" until the very last. And that doesn't happen often. Get it. You'll thank me later.

One reader of The Wild Orchid Society said, “Cezanne Martin returns as the Acting-Captain of Fort Worth Police's homicide unit, and this time, the brass has set her up with a cold case investigation designed to make her fail. The previous investigator died while investigating the Great Dane Murder (not about dogs) and Cezanne finds a connection with an underground organization known as The Wild Orchid Society (not about flowers). Infiltrating the bizarre, alternative lifestyle group could cost more than her job and reputation, if discovered; unmasking The Executioner, ringleader of The Wild Orchid Society, could put her on ice. The storyline will grab you from the beginning, not to mention it'll keep you in a headlock until you're through.”

Booklist said of Constable’s Run, “Fort Worth constable Jinx Porter is fighting to stay in office and keep his political career alive. His young, unworthy opponent has a large campaign fund and zero law-enforcement experience but seems primed to take over. Jinx's lazy, stupid treasurer won't raise any money for the campaign. The only person who seems willing to help is his beautiful girlfriend, Raven, but she has made the mistake of insulting the prince of the gypsies and he has put out a contract on her. Then Raven learns that Jinx has a problem with fidelity, and instead of helping him with his campaign she decides to get even in a big way. The author, a 23-year law-enforcement veteran, juggles a number of over-the-top plotlines full of midgets, drag queens, ex-convicts, and women with big hair. Although readers may need a program to keep track of the cast, this novel--more a humorous look at Texas politics than a full-blown mystery--is fairly entertaining. Texas fans, especially, will enjoy the capers.”

Booklist said of Simmering Secrets of Weeping Mary, “When her favorite older cousin, Nehemiah, is killed, Deuteronomy ("Duty") Devilrow, 12, returns to her small-town Texas home for the funeral. She has been living in Fort Worth and preparing for college with her tough, loving, white mentor, Miz Zan, a homicide detective. But there are questions that make Duty wonder if Nehemiah could have been murdered. With Miz Zan's support, Duty investigates and saves her family from killers. The detective work is contrived. The real mystery revolves around the young black sleuth's identity. Why is Duty the spitting image of white Senator Deveraux's oldest daughter? Frels' fiction debut will hold readers with its smart yet naive protagonist and its fast and funny first-person narrative.”

One reader of Simmering Secrets of Weeping Mary said, “I bought this book for my niece, and ended up reading it myself. The author has such a way with words...she tells the story with vivid language and a clarity (not to mention humor) that compels the adult crowd as well as her young adult readers. Her unique voice and dynamic style make for a fast pace, and a thoroughly satisfying story. You'll love these characters, and this author. Treat yourself and your family to a great read...buy this book!”

According to the book description of Constable’s Wedding, “Edgar-nominated mystery author Laurie Moore merges her critically-acclaimed Constable series and Fort Worth police series to create this page-turning sequel to Constable's Apprehension. Jinx Porter has only eight days to win back Raven before she gets married. Compounding the countdown, simultaneous kidnappings have them scrambling to find the perpetrators; Raven's maid of honor, detective Cézanne Martin, is investigating the murder of Raven's next-door neighbor; and the groom is missing. Throw in a florist up to his ears in drug dogs, a dead caterer and a confused baker and you've got another wild ride with the Tarrant County Constables. Laurie Moore was born and reared in the Great State of Texas.”

Publisher’s Weekly said of The Lady Godiva Murder, “Cezanne Martin has had it rough-she made it through her rookie year as a Fort Worth, Tex., cop; survived a disastrous affair with a colleague who neglected to mention his unbalanced wife; and managed to see the silver lining in having crusty Roby Tyson, a longtime veteran of the force, as her partner. Yet her world is turned upside-down with the Lady Godiva case, where the lady in question is none other than the captain's daughter and Roby's secret lover. The murder turns cop against cop and all evidence points to the grief-stricken Roby. Cezanne is determined to clear her partner despite getting demoted to a desk job, having to work side by side with her ex-lover's vengeful wife and being forced into sessions with the department shrink ("A forty-five minute visit with Aden Whitelark... left her gnawing a hole inside her mouth"). While Moore (Constable's Run), a former cop and lawyer, knows the Texas justice system and writes credibly about its fools and foibles, she bombards the reader with ancillary subplots better saved for a subsequent outing. Nevertheless, the book is full of quirky characters, deft descriptions and razor sharp humor. And Cezanne is truly a work of art: a fiery mass of attitude, intelligence and barbed wit, haunted by a childhood best described as awful. Though facing an uncertain future after quietly earning a law degree, C‚zanne has handily earned a spot among contemporary female crime solvers like Evanovich's Stephanie Plum, Grafton's Kinsey Millhone and Garcia-Aguilera's Lupe Solano.”


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According to the book description go of Constable's Apprehension, “Reserve Deputy Constable Raven returns in this page-turning sequel to the critically acclaimed Constable's Run. This time, Raven's got more problems than just a cheating boyfriend...There's Yucatan Jay, who may or may not work for the CIA and is far from what he appears to be...There's Dell, another Constable, who's getting a divorce...Raven's ex, Jinx Porter, is back in office and in big-time trouble and a whole host of other outlandish, Texas characters. Raven's biggest problem, aside from the fact that everyone seems to think she's the one who's trying to kill Jinx, is a problem of the heart: all the men in her life want to marry her!”

Harriet Klausner said of Constable’s Wedding, “Tarrant County Constable Jinx Porter panics as the clock is running down on his chances to persuade Raven not to marry her fiancé Tommy Greenway who is incognito somewhere in the Sudan or a similar locale. The office is working on retrieving a five years old girl Magick whose mother died and father Fleck is a satanic cultist; her maternal grandparents want the child with them. Raven especially worries because she fears the youngster will be sacrificed in an upcoming summer solstice ritual.

As they search for the child other events interfere with Raven's wedding plans. Her elderly neighbor dies, bashed in the head; a gypsy she arrested ate her engagement ring; and the DEA is investigating the florist while the caterer is simply dead. Then there is Sigrid the new investigator in her life, and finally a groom whom has remained incommunicado for the past five days. Wedding blues seem too trite.

The Constable police procedurals are some of the best on the market today. The latest one is the typical amusing yet serious mystery as Raven gets closer to marriage, but her groom is somewhere in the middle of nowhere surrounded by terrorists. The missing child cult subplot adds depth to a strong tale. Fans will want Moore Jinx-Raven and ilk tales from this wonderfully entertaining author.”

About the Tarrant County Constables

The voters of each Justice of the Peace and Constable Precinct elect the Constable every four years. It is the Constable’s duty to execute and return all process, warrants, summons, and judgment enforcement documents as directed by lawful officials. The Constable may seize and sell real and personal property upon lawful order of a court, returning the proceeds according to law. Constables are Texas Peace Officers and may arrest, with or without a warrant, violators of state penal laws and persons who commit breaches of the peace in their presence. 


Constable’s jurisdiction for service of civil process documents is throughout their county as well as every adjacent county. They may serve documents for State, County, and Justice Courts of Texas, as well as process issued by lawful courts of other states. Commissioner’s Court establishes fees for this service. The fees collected are deposited into the general fund of Tarrant County.


The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education recognizes the special role of the Constables’ offices in the civil court system. The Commission requires the Constable and their deputies to have special civil process training in addition to the standard training required for all Texas peace officers.


The Constables and their deputies are officers of the courts. They provide fair and impartial notification to citizens of court actions that may involve them.




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