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Lawrence Hoffman, a retired New York City Detective, a devoted writer and author, has completed his newest work “Turning Blue: A Life Beneath the Shield”: a gripping and potent story of courage, fear, acceptance, perseverance and dignity. Lawrence Hoffman was born and raised on the south shore of Long Island, New York. He joined the New York City Police Department in 1984 and retired with the rank of detective after twenty years of service in 2004. He is a member of the NYPD Honor Legion and has received over twenty-four departmental awards and medals of recognitions along with letters of commendation from the Eastern District of United States Attorney’s Office in Manhattan, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the New York City Fire Department.

Lawrence is also a member of the Screen Actors Guild and can be seen in several blockbuster feature films and television shows such as Law and Order, Life on Mars, A Beautiful Mind, The Bounty Hunter, Break the Stage, and The Taking of Pelham 123. Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, Lawrence Hoffman’s passionately crafted biography depicts the personal and professional life of a NYPD detective. Hoffman explains “As a kid growing up on Long Island, I struggled with an unknown psychological need to wear a uniform and a strong desire to be a part of an organization. My search would take me through Little League, Cub Scouts, and various fraternal organizations. This desire would only be fulfilled after joining the NYPD in February of 1984. Somewhere during my twenty-year career, I was transformed from that kid into a veteran New York City police detective. This is my evolution from a middle-class suburban kid with simple values who naively thought the “projects” were a homework assignment into a veteran detective working in some of the most unforgiving neighborhoods of New York City. With this transformation comes the ability to separate the daily exposure to the dark side of human nature from your own life-sustaining core beliefs. Many will fail to acquire this ability and fall victim to drugs, alcohol, divorce, crime, and even suicide. This is a process which I have come to call Turning Blue. This is my story of how I dealt with life-changing experiences at home while my gun belt and uniform hung safely in my locker. In my twenty years of experience as a police officer, I can honestly say that I have been scared and feared for my life. Could you go back to work after crying yourself to sleep, reliving your partner’s screams as he lay bleeding to death in the backseat of your unmarked car, and the only thing keeping your heart in your chest was your department issued bulletproof vest?”




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