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End of Tour
Leo P. Whittlesey  More Info

About the New York City Police Department 
Governor Andros was superseded by governor Dongan, who arrived in the city on August 25, 1683. He is described a having been a man of broad and intelligent views upon all subjects of general interest, and moreover, as being an accomplished politician. He gave the colony its first legislative assembly, which met in New York on October 17, and consisted of the Governor himself, ten councillors appointed by him, and seventeen representatives elected by the people. He very early divided the city into six wards, and the inhabitants of each were empowered to elect an Alderman annually to represent them in the City Council. Shortly after his arrival, the municipality addressed a memorial to him on the subject of the administration of civic affairs. He and his council asked for some further information on obscure points. The result was the following document, which is valuable, not only for the light it throws on the prevailing system, but also for its quaintness as an old-time colonial document.

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Holice and Debbie

Leo Whittlesey published his first novel entitled, End of Tour. The book is a fast-paced, suspense-filled tale of a New York mob kid, Frank Horan, turned cop who finds himself trapped in a massive corruption scheme and the main suspect in multiple murders. Frank is forced to use his mob connections and street smarts to extricate himself from the morass that his life has become at the hands of gangsters, cops and his own poor judgment.  Leo lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife and two sons. He is an attorney and has also been a New York City police officer and small business owner.

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