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Detective Leon Smith, a thirty-year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department and a lifelong movie buff guides the reader on a nostalgic journey to famous Hollywood movie and television locations.  His investigations reveal exact addresses of these historical sites; and, feature his present-day photographs compared with production stills showing how the locations appeared in the original film.  His first book, “Famous Hollywood Locations,” contains descriptions and photographs of 382 sites involving 289 films and 105 television series.”  He followed up with a second book that does not repeat any locations; “Hollywood Goes on Location.”

Midwest Book Review said of Famous Hollywood Locations: Descriptions and Photographs of 382 Sites Involving 289 Films and 105 Television Series, “In Famous Hollywood Locations, Leon Smith offers a thoroughly user friendly compendium of photographs and descriptions of 382 location sites involved with 289 films and 105 television series in and around Hollywood, California. The sites are grouped geographically, with each entry including an exact address and photo of what the location looks like today. A brief plot background in which the site was involved is additionally provided. Famous Hollywood Locations is a unique and much appreciated addition to any film buff's reference library and just a lot of fun to browse through.”

Hollywood Goes on Location
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Famous Hollywood Locations: Descriptions and Photographs of 382 Sites Involving 289 Films and 105 Television Series
Leon Smith  More Info

From the History of the Los Angeles Police Department (lapdonline.org)

The Department came of age in 1889 when John M. Glass entered the first of his 11years as Chief. Central Station Headquarters, formerly housed in City Hall, moved to a new facility on West 1st Street, destined to remain in use for 60 years. Glass originated the first entry-level standards for recruit applicants and police professionalism was born under his direction.

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