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Lisa Lockwood

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Lisa Lockwood is a former Chicago area police officer.  During her law enforcement career she worked as a police officer, undercover detective and SWAT team member.  Lisa Lockwood is the author of Undercover Angel.


According to the book description, “Lisa Lockwood endured childhood poverty and an abusive marriage to become a soldier in Desert Storm, a police officer, undercover narcotics detective and the first female SWAT team member. A former beauty pageant contestant, Lisa had to suppress her obvious femininity in order to conquer the "Boys Club" of law enforcement, but her beguiling beauty would become her best asset as an undercover narcotics detective. It was in the gritty world of drug rings, Mafia members and child molesters that she rediscovered the power of her femininity and learned to use her disarming sexuality as a professional asset in ensnaring criminals.


Lisa's journey was fraught with inner conflict as she struggled to balance her dangerous profession with a desire to be a complete woman, worthy of genuine love. Undercover Angel is Lisa's illuminating story of perseverance and unstoppable drive, that took her deep into the heart of a violent world and left her in a place of happiness, self-confidence and inner peace.”   

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