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Little Rock Police Department (Arkansas)

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Cory B. Harris

About the Little Rock Police Department 

The Little Rock Police Department is organized into three bureaus: Executive Bureau; Uninformed Services Bureau; and, Special Services Bureau.  


The Detective Division of the Little Rock Police Department “is under the direction of a captain who reports to the Assistant Chief of Police Investigations Bureau. This division is responsible for the follow-up investigation of Part I offenses, conducting the follow-up investigation of other serious offenses and communicating with other law enforcement agencies to exchange information pertinent to criminal activity. Providing crime scene search and photographic services to all division and the management of property in the custody of the Department.”


The Patrol Divisions of the Little Rock Police Department “are each under the direction of a Captain, each of who reports to the Assistant Chief of Police Operations Bureau. The Patrol Divisions are responsible for the deployment of forces consistent with the needs of the City in order to maintain public order, provide preventive patrol, respond to calls for service and conduct investigations of crimes and incident to include the arrest of offender and the coordination of police activities between the various geographic areas of the City and the other Division of the Department.”


Selected book by a Little Rock Police Department police officer.

ZIPPER L E SERIES ONE: : Outlook on Leadership and Liability Issues in the Criminal Justice System (Zipper L E Series One)
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