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The Retail Manager's Guide to Crime and Loss Prevention: Protecting Your Business from Theft, Fraud, and Violence
Liz Martinez  More Info

Pocket Guide to The Retail Manager's Guide To Crime And Loss Prevention
Liz Martinez  More Info


The author, Liz Martinez, is an adjunct professor at Interboro Institute, a two-year college in New York City that offers a Security Management degree program. After a career during which she honed her retail security skills, she switched gears from a management position into writing, editing and teaching. She holds a New York State security certification and is a member of ASIS International's New York City Chapter's Diversity Council and the Police Writers Association.


She graduated from John Jay College of Criminal Justice with a B.A. in criminal justice. Moreover, Liz was as New York Police Department Auxiliary police officer for five years.  Her book, “The Retail Manager's Guide to Crime and Loss Prevention: Protecting Your Business from Theft, Fraud and Violence,” draws on her practical and academic experience in the retail security field.  According to one reviewer, “ This book is easy to understand, and it has everything in it that a retail person needs to know in order to reduce thefts and other kinds of losses in a store. I've looked at other books, but they're too complicated. This one lays the topics out in a logical way, and the writer doesn't try to impress you with big words--just the facts!”

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