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Lloyd O'Callaghan

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The other end of the gun: Eulia Love officer-involved shooting : a true story
Lloyd W O'Callaghan  More Info

According to one reader, "Former LAPD Officer Lloyd O'Callaghan delivers a harrowing first-hand account of a tragic shooting that became one of the most notorious politically-motivated and media-driven events in the tenure of former LAPD Chief Daryl Gates. Mr. O'Callaghan tells the story of the dispatch call that landed him and his partner at Ms. Love's residence, her knife attack, the shooting, the investigation exonerating both officers and the subsequent racial, political and media frenzy that caused the police establishment to backtrack and declare war on Mr. O'Callaghan. This account is brutally honest, unvarnished and fascinating. If you really want to know the truth, and all the truth about being an LAPD cop involved in an inconvenient shooting, read it!"

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