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Los Angeles County Marshal's Department (California)

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Steven Wayne Knight

About the Los Angeles County Marshal's Department

In 1923, the California Legislature amended the State Constitution to create a municipal court system as well as the office of Marshal as the court’s enforcement arm.  The act provided for a municipality with a police in excess of 40,000 to have a court.  In 1950, the voters amended the California State constitution and change municipal courts to district courts.  As a result, all of the municipal courts within Los Angeles County fell under a single jurisdiction. Just as the municipal courts were merged into districts, so were the various Marshal offices.


Beginning in 1952, the Los Angeles County Marshal’s Department was responsible for court security, control of in-custody person and the service of bench warrants issued by courts in Los Angeles County.  In 1994, as a result of a study conducted by the Board of Supervisors which found that it would be cost effective to merge the 900 personnel of the Los Angeles County Marshal with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the Marshals were merged with the County Sheriff. 

Selected book from a Los Angeles County Marshal's Department law enforcement official.

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