Perhaps the earliest European system of maintaining social order was the Frankpledge system.

A Concise History of American Policing
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Lower Township Police Department (New Jersey)

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Robert Martin

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About the Lower Township Police Department
The Lower Township Police Department was officially incorporated in 1955. The Department now has 45 full time police officers and several Class II or part time officers. The Lower Township Police Department is organized into Administrative Services Division, Patrol Bureau, Community Services/Tactical Patrol, Investigative Bureau, Communications Bureau and Records Bureau.


While the Patrol Bureau provides uniformed law enforcement services, the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Lower Township Police Department, “is responsible for identifying and apprehending criminal offenders and for preparing the cases for prosecution. These cases may involve murder, sexual assault, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, major thefts, arson, drugs and other serious crimes. The Criminal Investigation Bureau also investigates cases of non-criminal nature, including liquor license applications, missing persons reports and firearm applications. Members of the Criminal Investigation Bureau also provide programs to civic organizations in our community. Detectives assigned to these criminal cases often act as evidence technicians, processing the crime scene for physical evidence. The detectives may take photographs, handle and collect trace evidence from the crime scene and dust the area with fingerprint powder for latent fingerprints. Additionally, the detectives interview and take statements from victims, witnesses and defendants.”



Selected work by Lower Township Police Officer turned author, Robert (Bob) Martin

The Thick Blue Line
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