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Lumberton Police Department (North Carolina)

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Jon Goodman

About the Lumberton Police Department

The Lumberton Police Department is staffed by 78 sworn police officers and 14 civilian personnel.  The department is organized into seven divisions: Administrative Division; Uniformed Patrol Division; Juvenile Services Division; Community Services Division; Special Operations Division; and, the Records Division.


The Administrative Division consists of the Chief of Police, Deputy Chief, and the Chief’s Executive Assistant to handle the upper management of the department.  The Uniform Patrol Division is the largest division, and provides 7 days, 24 hour coverage of the city.  These officers not only attempt to control criminal activity by aggressive patrol, but also are responsible for serving warrants, subpoenas, and traffic control.    


The Investigative Division includes: a senior detective lieutenant, six police investigators, an Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms investigator, a victim’s coordinator, a detective sergeant juvenile investigator, three School Resource Officers, five school crossing guards, one I.D. Detective and one I.D. Senior Lieutenant, and two drug enforcement officers. The Juvenile Services Division includes detectives who investigate all complaints involving juveniles such as victims of sexual abuse, child neglect and abuse and juvenile crime.


The Community Services Division consists of officers who are assigned to work in public housing utilizing foot and bike patrol.  These officers provide patrol and investigative services to these communities.  The Special Operations Division includes a group of officers that are assigned to problem areas throughout the city.  In uniform and in plain clothes, or working with informants, these officers work on problems ranging from violence intervention, littering and loitering, to prostitution and narcotics.


The Records Division includes those civilian personnel maintaining reports, statistics, citations and all paperwork.  They also greet and serve the public at headquarters.




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