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Lynda Sandoval spent seven years with the Wheat Ridge Police Department (Colorado). While a police officer, she wrote three books.  In 1998, she left the Wheat Ridge Police Department to become a full-time writer.  She has since published fourteen books. In her book True Blue, “she explores topics such as the classes officers have to take at the police academy, including everything from U.S. Constitutional law and firearms training to stress management and ethics; an average day on the job, including typical uniform and equipment and an example of a call; arrest procedures; basics of crime scene investigation; search warrants and interrogations; officer-involved shootings and the aftermath; gang slang; Ten-Code system; radio codes; and a listing of additional research resources. True Blue is a must-have for every writer who has cops traipsing through her work.”

According to the book description of You, And No Other, “Twelve years ago Jonas Eberhardt was run out of Troublesome Gulch on prom night by the jackbooted police chief. Even worse, the chief's daughter, Cagney Bishop, love of Jonas's life, seemed to go along with Daddy's wishes. But the boy from the wrong side of the tracks made millions, and he's back to fund a youth center for troubled teens...and rub the naysayers' noses in it. Especially Cagney's. Cagney Bishop's chance at happiness was ruined forever on prom night--until seeing Jonas reopened a door in her heart she thought was sealed forever. But is Jonas back to get even...or get true love back on track?”

According to the book description of Who's Your Daddy? “Lila Moreno and her two best friends, Meryl Morgenstern are social mutants. Not because of who they are, but who their guy-repellent daddies are. Lila's dad is the chief of police; Meryl's dad is the football coach, the driver's ed instructor, and the dean of discipline at the high school; and Caressa's dad is a famous musician. Boys are too terrified and intimidated by the girls' dads to come anywhere near them. So Lila, Meryl, and Caressa decide to take matters into their own hands. On the night of homecoming, instead of going dateless, they hold a Dumb Supper -- a Celtic ritual that shows single young women who their soul mates are. The dinner doesn't go exactly as planned, but never could they guess how much this loser's alternative to homecoming would change their lives.”

Publisher’s Weekly said of Breaking Up is Hard to Do, “Although-or perhaps because-these four stories about love gone wrong bear little resemblance to real-life heartbreak, they are likely to go over big with teens in search of solace for their own romantic misadventures. Burnham's protagonist, the lone male narrator, lets readers know right away that he's no "scumbag who only wants you-know-what from a girl"; when he gets pressured by his girlfriend on their one-year anniversary to have sex, he's not ready, and his refusal triggers a breakup. The reversal of typical gender roles could be amusing, except that the author wraps up the story with the tidy entrance of a girl who values the narrator's personality. The other stories send similar messages of empowerment, as in Ellen Hopkins's verse entry about a plain girl whose first boyfriend engineers a makeover, dumps her when she refuses to have sex, then lets her know she was a "practice" girlfriend; she recovers enough to tip off the next girl he approaches. And how many gay girls publicly humiliated by their girlfriends find an ally in the high school football captain, like Lynda Sandoval's heroine? Even so, readers will enjoy the stylish scenarios, projecting themselves into situations they can only wish were true. Ages 14-up.”

According to the book description of Her Favorite Holiday Gift, “Colleen Delaney would never forget the night she and Eric Nelson went from law school sparring partners to lovers. Now, after years apart, the irresistible attorney was back in her life in a major way as they went head-to-head in a high-stakes case. With the future of the Taka-Hanson hotel empire at stake, Eric couldn't afford to lose. But he was up against a gorgeous, take-noprisoners lawyer just as determined to win. If only their attraction would stop getting in the way. That was when Eric decided to give Colleen a special gift for the holidays—one that came straight from the heart.”

According to the book description of Deja You, “When a deadly apartment blaze sparked memories of the prom-night accident that took her fiancé and unborn baby, firefighter Erin DeLuca ran...and lost herself for just one night. Erin was left pregnant, and the stranger who'd offered solace was nowhere to be found. Until he showed up in Troublesome Gulch. And irony of ironies, Nate Walker was a pyrotechnics engineer -- and when he saw the mystery woman who got away, now very pregnant, his entire being lit up. For Erin, it was a deja vu moment brighter than any fireworks display -- not about reliving pain, but about the joy of being in the arms of a loving man.”

About the Wheat Ridge Police Department

The Wheat Ridge Police Department is a full-service law enforcement agency staffed by “72 sworn officers and 30 civilian personnel commanded by the Chief of Police, serving a resident community of approximately 33,000.”  The Wheat Ridge Police Department is organized into two divisions: Patrol and Support Services.

The Wheat Ridge Police Department “Patrol Operations Division is responsible for the day-to-day delivery of uniformed police services within the City.  These are the uniformed men and women that patrol the City's neighborhoods, respond to emergencies, engage in community policing projects, and support various community involvement programs. The Patrol Operations Division is directed by a division commander and managed by two lieutenants. They are responsible for the overall direction, control, and coordination of field operations.”

The Wheat Ridge Police Department “Support Services Division encompasses several areas of the police department that provide support to the Patrol Operations Division. Those areas include: Communications Bureau; Community Services Team; Investigations Bureau; Records Team; and, Training/Public Information Officer Unit.”




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