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Enforcer I shall Be

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Enforcer I shall Be


I walk the walk every single day,

Just to earn the public’s respect in every possible way.

Yet you sit there and call me a jerk and pathetic,

Because you were speeding and I was not sympathetic.

Well mister driver,

How would you feel,

If it were your kid playing in that street,

When suddenly that speeding car crushed him off his feet.

Now sir you sit there and question us why,

We were not there to stop that driver so your son would not die.

My answer to that can only be true,

Well sir I am trying my best that is why I stopped you.

I now sympathize for your loss sir,

That feeling you are feeling I do concur.

See I lost my child in that horrible way,

That is why sir I stand here strong with your ticket today.

Hope you understand now sir why I seem so tough,

Seeing a driver speed on by just makes my job just so rough.

Now as you drive on home as you think about me.

My life goes on and



About the Author:

Justin Lyons is a Deputy Sheriff for the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office (Louisiana).  He is currently assigned to correction and has a BS in Criminal Justice from the Southwest Louisiana Community College. He can be contacted at lyonsfool03@yahoo.com.

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