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That O'l Heart

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That O’l Heart


One ol'man who never knew

What love meant to be true.

He thrived to see what everyone had

Just could not find anyone to be with an ol'hag

He went into depression and cried and cried

Suddenly he grabbed his chest and instantly died


When entering the gates of heaven,

He hit his knees in a misunderstanding.

He asked "Oh why lord did you take me from the world in which I was never loved."


The lord looked down on the ol'man and placed his hand on his shoulder and stated "My son you are simply mistaken, you see I have always loved you from up above."


The ol'man replied "If you loved me like you said, why didn't you give me someone to love like every other man"


The Lord, with a large smile on his face, stated to the ol'man "My dear child you were not loved by one, due to the fact that you were loved by all. Everyone adored who you were and they always prayed to me that I look over you. You may not have been a husband in anyones eyes but you were a wonderful friend and a father figure to many men. You were always a different chapter in my book that would change the lives of others and that was the meaning of my plan."


The ol'man looked up to the Lord with watery eyes and stated " Thank you for the life you gave me, for I never knew the many lives I changed. I never knew being an officer of the law could make such a change. Thank you lord for now I know what my life was meant to be."


The Lord replied "You dry up those eyes my son and head inside because you are one that many are looking forward to see."


About the Author:

Justin Lyons is a Deputy Sheriff for the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office (Louisiana).  He is currently assigned to correction and has a BS in Criminal Justice from the Southwest Louisiana Community College. He can be contacted at lyonsfool03@yahoo.com.

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