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Respect That

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Respect That


Everyone speaks about supporting our troops,

and pray for them in church groups.

Many forget to think about special ones in their lives.

These people also have husbands and wives.

They walk the homeland streets day and night,

With the hope to never lose the fight.

They prepare themself everyday for what may come,

For their loved ones may never see them return home.

One goal of the day is to protect and serve,

For this oath they follow is more than words.

So when that police officer approaches you again,

Show some respect

For he/she is our soldier

Who protects our homeland


About the Author:

Justin Lyons is a Deputy Sheriff for the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office (Louisiana).  He is currently assigned to correction and has a BS in Criminal Justice from the Southwest Louisiana Community College. He can be contacted at lyonsfool03@yahoo.com.

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