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So You Want To Run

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So You Want To Run


My heart beats down in my chest,

I am wondering if I could face the stress.

One more step that’s all I ask,

seems like such a simple task.

My body wearing down into pain,

Giving all I got to a awful strain.

What else can I do?

I have to make it through.

Now I give all my effort in every way,

convinced today is my day.

I push and push with out a rest,

all to prove I gave my best.

So you my friend best believe,

I will catch you, you crooked thieve.

I will never lose to you and face defeat,

So don’t try me on my feet.


About the Author:

Justin Lyons is a Deputy Sheriff for the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office (Louisiana).  He is currently assigned to correction and has a BS in Criminal Justice from the Southwest Louisiana Community College. He can be contacted at lyonsfool03@yahoo.com.

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