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Madison County Sheriff's Department (Tennessee)

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Tony M. Kail

About the Madison County Sheriff’s Department

The Madison County Sheriff's Department is the agency responsible for law enforcement services for Jackson, Madison County, TN. The sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer of the county, and is elected by the people to this constitutionally mandated position. The sheriff serves a four-year term with no limit to the length of service. The deputies of the Sheriff's Department are hired and serve at the sole discretion of the sheriff. They are selected through a process that is governed and protected by Civil Service. The department's responsibilities are broken down into the following areas: Administrative; Patrol Division; Warrants Division; Criminal Investigations Division;

Communications Division; and, Records Division


Patrol division is directly responsible for handling citizen calls for service. It is divided into three patrol shifts ensuring adequate and effective 24 hour coverage for the county. Patrol division also handles the activities of the transport unit. The transport unit is responsible for movement of prisoners both to and from the Criminal Justice Center/Penal Farm to Tennessee Department of Corrections and/or other counties for court appearances, hearings and state incarceration. A lieutenant and sergeant supervise each shift.





Selected book by a Madison County Sheriff's Department deputy sheriff.

Cop's Guide to Occult Investigations: Understanding Satanism, Santeria, Wicca, and Other Alternative Religions
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