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Nick Mangieri, successful self-published author is a real-life "Indiana Jones", a clone of club-wielding Sheriff Buford Puser and another corruption-busting Frank Serpico.


He is an adventure-seeking ex-New Yorker who believes truth and justice must prevail and puts his life on the line to accomplish those goals.

 Nick Mangieri, a native New Yorker and Navy veteran, has served as Chief of Police in Alaska, Deputy Sheriff in California and Private Detective in New York. He was a Federal Agent with the Department of Labor attached to the Inspector General's Fraud Division, assigned to South Florida and Washington, D.C. His background and interests are wide and varied, including work as a free lance writer for men's adventure magazines. As such, his self-imposed junkets took him into the interiors of Central and South America. He graduated from the University of the Pacific and obtained his graduate degree from Virginia Commonwealth University. Married and the father of four, a former Private Investigator now living in Martinsburg, West Virginia.

According to one reader of Broken Badge: The Silencing of a Federal Agent, “In the tradition of Serpico, Nick Mangieri blows the lid off scandal and corruption in federal law enforcement in Broken Badge: The Silencing of a Federal Agent. It's the late 1970s, and feminism is drawing attention to the workplace. Marion Barry's mayoral administration is swinging into high gear. Nick Mangieri is appointed as a Special Agent to investigate crimes of fraud and improper use of government money. But the wall of corruption that pervades U.S. federal agencies is too strong to break through-until Mangieri comes along.

Because of his comprehensive law enforcement background-which includes a term as a police chief-Mangieri was selected to investigate abuses at the federal level. When he swore an oath to uphold the law and the Constitution of the United States, he had no idea that his investigations would be thwarted at every turn by corrupt officials more interested in protecting each other than in justice.

In Broken Badge, Mangieri tells all, starting with his relentless pursuit of the truth that led to the resignation of a Florida college president and ordained minister who used federal money to coerce an innocent young woman into unwanted sexual relations. Mangieri follows the money trail from Florida to Washington, D.C., where he uncovers secrets that the rich, powerful politicians of the nation's capitol tried desperately to keep hidden behind closed (bedroom) doors. The attractive young ladies who were rocketed into high-level GS-14 government jobs without any workplace skills...the group of sexy female workers who were known to their influential politico bosses as their "harem" or the "dancing girls"...sexual coercion that pervaded government agencies, made possible by diverting federal funds intended for education...these are the crimes that Mangieri uncovered through his intensive investigations.

Mangieri blows Washington scandal and corruption out of the water-only to be thwarted from within his own agency. As his investigation into corrupt officials heats up, his persecution by officials from the Inspector General's office all the way down to the field level accelerates. At first it is subtle: Special Agent Mangieri is bogged down with superfluous paperwork and unwarranted transfers. As his inquiries begin to strike closer to home, he finds himself indicted on trumped-up charges, yanked off his cases-and eventually, forced to retire.

Mangieri details his wrenching experiences in Broken Badge, providing a spell-binding account of a righteous man who tried only to protect the innocent and ferret out the guilty-regardless of their power or position in society. Mangieri reveals how he stood up to the system and ultimately paid the price for upholding his oath of office.

Broken Badge not only recounts the horror of being falsely accused by powerful law-makers, it is also a realistic depiction of the day-to-day experiences of a federal investigator. Mangieri stays away from the trap of romanticizing the work of a Special Agent. Instead, he paints a picture of the gritty realities of the job. Broken Badge is a must-read for everyone who wants to know whether truth and justice can really triumph over corruption and obstruction of justice when the deck is stacked against you.”

Broken Badge: The Silencing of a Federal Agent
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Frozen Shield: Alaska Cover-Up
Nick Mangieri  More Info

Passport to Danger: The Diary of an Adventurer
Nick Mangieri  More Info

According to one reader of Frozen Shield: Alaska Cover-Up, “I have read this book twice. This is an excellent read and brings out the games that some politicians play to the forefront for public consumption. The abuse of power is noted and is weaved into the realm of organizational behavior. The author applied for the position of Chief of Police of Palmer, Alaska, and was subsequently hired to that most responsible position. He performed his obligated duties very professionally and brought his department up to high standards. During the course of his duties he received information of illegal activities concerning a land scheme. His investigation shook up some of the principals involved in unethical and crooked practices. The Chief and his family were placed in jeopardy and two dogs owned by the Chief & family were killed. The Chief pursued the white collar crooks with tenacity, intestinal fortitude and determination, criminally, and sought civil remedies, to a point where the Chief was fired, as he closed in on the corruption, taking place. This, sorry to say, is true reality in many corners of our great land. and this particular event was ferreted out by a true professional, who placed his own life in jeopardy to make a wrong, right. There's that ole saying, I believe, "you can't fight city hall." Come on, Citizens, let's make these people accountable for their criminality. Read the book twice. The author did a great service for all of us.”

According to the book description of Frozen Shield: Alaska Cover-Up, “A nonfiction true crime book about an Alaskan Police Chief's experience while pursuing political corruption & massive land fraud perpetrated against federal& state governments from pre-statehood days onward. Reprisals included constant threats on his line, the killing of his dogs, the loss of his home & the breakup of his family. The story is an uphill battle not only against a corrupt City Hall, but against apathetic public officials who looked the other way & refused to become involved.”

According to one reader of Passport to Danger: The Diary of an Adventurer, “I just finished Nick Mangieri's Passport to Danger. What a life of adventure. He is the man who personifies all we wished to be as kids. He is all of our childhood heroes rolled into one. He takes us visiting South American and Central American countries. With Nick we go searching for diamonds as well as big game hunting in the jungles of British Guiana, and live off the same food as the natives. Later we travel to Mexico with Nick to not only write his adventure as would Hemingway and Steinbeck, but we once again go big game hunting. To top it off, we put away the writing material to climb an 18,700 foot high mountain in Mexico, the third highest peak in the North American Continent. Battling altitude sickness, frostbite, snow and winds, will we make the conquest or fail? You'll have to read to find out.”

About the Palmer Police Department

The Palmer Police Department employs one chief of police, one commander, two sergeants, on detective sergeant, and nine police officers.  Additionally, the Palmer Police Department more than a dozen non-sworn personnel who perform dispatch, evidence and administrative functions within the department.

According to the Palmer Police Department, “The Palmer Police Emergency Dispatch Center is the central dispatch facility for the Matanuska-Susitna Borough, and is staffed by 12 Police/Emergency Dispatchers and one Communications Supervisor. The Palmer EDC dispatches for the Palmer Police Department and 11 Fire Departments in a fire service area which covers approximately 625 square miles; 12 ambulance service departments, with 450 volunteers, covering an area of approximately 25,232.4 square miles.”

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