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Maria Larsen

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Maria Larsen “was born and raised in Pacific Grove, California. After graduating from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design, Maria started a screen-printing company in 1990. The San Diego Police Department hired Maria as a patrol officer in 1993. An on-duty injury forced her into medical retirement in 2002. During a lengthy rehabilitation, Maria wrote about the dogs she rescued from the streets as a police officer: "When It Reigns, It Pours: Dog Tales." In 2009 she started a book publishing company, Hands On Publishing. She also wrote and published a fiction thriller and screenplay called "The Grey Matter." In 2010 both of her books were finalists in the INDIE Book Awards. In December 2011 Maria finished her fourth book--the crime thriller "Protect & Serve: K-9 Policewoman." Maria lives in San Diego with her three beloved shepherds, where she continues to write books and screenplays.”  Maria Larsen is the author of Protect & Serve: K-9 Policewoman; When It Reigns, It Pours (Dog Tales); Reign Over Me: A Ruff Life; and, The Grey Matter.

According to the book description Protect & Serve: K-9 Policewoman, “Retired police officer and award-winning author Maria Larsen tells a new, captivating tale about the unbreakable bond between a female K-9 handler and her dog. Come on a ride-a-long with Officer Angela Howland and her black shepherd partner Radar (aka Ray). Nobody can hide from Ray's superior nose. Feel the thrill, frustration and grief police officers go through at work and in their personal lives. This is a must read crime thriller for dog enthusiasts.”

According to the book description When It Reigns, It Pours (Dog Tales), “Now available with color photos throughout the book!!! Former San Diego Police Officer, Maria Larsen, writes her memoirs. Maria Larsen rescues seven dogs while working on the streets of San Diego as a police officer. The level of abuse and neglect these animals went through is incomprehensible. After an injury on duty forces Maria into medical retirement, she loses the most identity most important to her and gives up hope. Her dogs return the kindness she gave them and save Maria. Maria's biggest challenge with animal rehabilitation and survival come after she purchases a White Shepherd puppy from a breeder in Minnesota. The puppy named Reign suffers more physical ailments than all the strays put together. Throughout Reign's struggles, that goofy canine never stops enjoying life and teaches Maria the most important lesson: Love can conquer all. You'll laugh and cry with Maria as she takes you on a ride-a-long with her through her professional and personal life.”

According to the book description Reign Over Me: A Ruff Life, “To follow up her award winning book, "When It Reigns It pours: Dog Tales," Maria Larsen writes a hilarious, new story about her beloved dog pack (Lilly, Reign and Lido). With the use of photos formatted in Comic Book style the reader sees life through her three shepherds' eyes. Watch Lilli transform from under-dog to wonder-dog. This is a must read for dog-lovers of all ages.”

According to the book description The Grey Matter, “A fast-paced thriller- Ryan Wilkensen marries his high school sweetheart and becomes a wildly successful financier. he's proud of his accomplishments and thinks he's a great guy, until... at the young age of forty, he dies. Stuck in a grey zone--where none of his self-made wealth can help him--Ryan is forced to address everyone he's hurt. Unable to handle the pain he caused, he desperately tries to make amends. This undertaking reveals questions of who has betrayed him. What shocking truths will Ryan uncover? Who can he trust? Follow Ryan on his journey. Will he find forgiveness or redemption?”

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