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Senior Sergeant Martin Katz, Broward County Sheriff’s Office (ret.) has more than 30 years of multifaceted experience in the criminal justice system in New Jersey and South Florida.  His assignments encompassed administrative functions, as well as commanding uniformed patrol and criminal investigations units. Senior Sergeant Martin Katz served more than 23 years with the Broward County Sheriff’s Office in Florida, with progressive advancement through the ranks, supervising Patrol Officers, Field Training Officers and Detectives. He has extensive experience with police training programs, both in-service and academy level, as Instructor and Administrator responsible for development of various courses and curriculum in all areas of police work and law enforcement.

In addition to his law enforcement career, Senior Sergeant Martin Katz has been involved in Martial Arts since 1958. He has received his Seventh Degree Black Belt in Japanese Karate and trained in Japan on 2 occasions with the Tokyo Metropolitan Riot Police and various senior martial arts instructors.  Based on his law enforcement career and his martial arts training and experiences he has developed a survival course entitled Officer Survival Mindset: Becoming a 15th Century Samurai in a 21st Century. 

Additionally, Senior Sergeant Marty Katz is the author of the semi-autobiographical look at the inside of police work: Past the Uniform.

According to the book description of Past the Uniform, “Ever wonder what it is like to be on the other side of a 9-1-1 call? Come along for the ride. View the world through the windshield of a patrol unit and behind the yellow tape of crime scenes. Past the Uniform is autobiographical, and for those wishing to enter the exciting, ever-changing and challenging world of law enforcement, it is a fabulous resource. Join a new recruit and his field training officer as they face the joys and frustrations of society as it cries out for help. See life within the hushed society of the police organization. Discover the hurdles facing someone fresh out of the academy. This is an inside look at the human side of being a police officer, past the uniform, the standoffish blue wall of fabric. Roll call is over and we are now ready to patrol.”

About the Broward County Sheriff's Office

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office has over 6,000 members, including nearly 3,000 deputies and 600 fire personnel. It is a full service law enforcement agency that provides law enforcement services to 14 cities within Broward County as well as the unincorporated areas of the County.  The Broward County Sheriff’s Office is organized into the Department of Law Enforcement, the Department of Detention and Community Control, the Department of Fire Rescue and the Administrative Offices.


The Broward County Sheriff’s Office’s Department of Law Enforcement uniformed patrol serves and “other customary operations, administers special units including the Bomb Squad, the K-9 Unit, School Resource Deputy Unit and the Child Protective Investigations Section,  which investigates allegations of abuse and neglect against Broward County's children.”


Through the Department of Detention and Community Control the Broward County Sheriff’s Office provides typical offender and inmate services as the County level.  According to the Sheriff’s Office, “In October 2003, administration of the county's fire rescue operations was transferred to BSO. The Department of Fire Rescue provides fire suppression, fire protection, emergency medical services and educational programs for most unincorporated areas of Broward County and to several contracted municipalities in Broward County.”




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