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Marty Ludas retired after thirty years of consecutive service working as a forensic examiner with three different law enforcement agencies. He received his initial fingerprint instruction during his employment with the FBI’s Identification Division in 1972. Later, while assigned as a special agent in the North Carolina State Bureau of Identification Latent Print Section, he completed an apprentice training program in crime scene investigation and latent fingerprint and footwear examination. In 1982 he gained employment as a latent print examiner at the City County Bureau of Identification in Raleigh North Carolina. He remained at this department until he retired. Marty is certified by the International Association of Identification in two forensic disciplines, latent print identification and footwear identification. He graduated from Wake Technical College with an Associate in Arts, Police Technology and from North Carolina Wesleyan College with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice.

1fingerprint & Impression Analysis
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According to the book description of FINGERPRINT & IMPRESSION ANALYSIS, “This manual is the companion workbook for the LawTech Custom Fingerprint & Impression Identification (I.D.) Lab Kit. The I.D. Lab Kit and Workbook together provide a new classroom training agenda of evidence collection, examination and interpretation with a concentration on Criminalistics and an introduction to forensic analysis. Learning is initiated through the presentation of instructor lectures using specialized training aids and actual criminal case histories. Linked with this instruction is the hands-on or operational phase, where students must complete a number of assignments using the I.D. Kit. During these labs, students utilize their inventory of equipment and supplies while conducting the assignments.”

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