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My double life (Great American autobiographies)
Mary Sullivan  More Info

From the History of the New York Police Department 
The method of procedure in case of fire is worth recording. The Watchman who discovered it gave the alarm wit his rattle, and knock at the doors of the houses as he sped past, shouting to the occupants to throw out their buckets. The ringing of the bell at the fort spread the alarm further. It may be inferred that these methods made it lively for the resident population whenever a fire broke out after bedtime. When the buckets were thrown out they were picked up by whoever was the first to pass on the way to the fire. it was the custom for nearly every householders to render assistance to extinguish fires, whether by night or day. When they were extinguished, the buckets were taken in a wagon to the City hall, where they were restored to their owners.

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According to Lona Manning, New York Police Department, “policewoman Mary Sullivan was banished from the undercover assignments she loved, to a succession of dreary station-houses, doing the usual woman’s work – looking after lost children and guarding female suspects. It was the height of the Roaring Twenties, there were plenty of bootleggers, drug traffickers and fake fortune-tellers to apprehend, and Sullivan, a young widow with a friendly Irish manner, impressed her superiors with her ability to transform herself into a dance hall girl or a society dame looking for a good speakeasy.”  Mary Sullivan’s Biography, My Double Life: The Story of a New York Policewoman, was originally published in 1938 and re-released in 1983.

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