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About the Collegeville Police Department

The Collegeville Police Department began in 1940 when George Moyer was appointed the Borough's first Police Officer.   Today, the Collegeville Police Department is located in the Borough of Collegeville and serves the residents of the Borough as well as the Ursinus College Campus.  A Collegeville Police Department police officer's duties include patrolling, enforcing vehicle laws, responding to calls and complaints, investigating crimes, and making arrests. The Collegeville Police Department has 8 full-time officers.



Matthew Cubbler joined the Collegeville Police Department (Pennsylvania) in June 2006.  His law enforcement career began in 1994 when he joined the Royersford Borough Police Department.  In 1996, he moved to the West Pottsgrove Township Police Department, and then in 2002, after the terrorist attacks of 9/11 he became a Federal Air Marshal.  As a member of the Collegeville Police Department, Matthew Cubbler was one of the original members of the regional Chester-Montgomery Emergency Response Team. He has served as the Team's training and firearms instructor as well as an assistant team leader. Additionally, he is a United States Army Gulf War Veteran; having served as an intelligence analyst from 1989 to 1993.  Matthew Cubbler is the author of A Brother's Love: A Memoir.


According to the description of A Brother's Love: A Memoir, “One’s role models in life are often found in the unexpected. The person who is our confidant and hero, or role model, may well be a teacher, parent, sibling, or friend who is appreciated too late. For me, my role model was my brother, Andy, who died too soon, at the age of twenty-one. Andy’s story and my own as it unfolds will tell the tale of two brothers who were each others’ best friend. We had a childhood filled with love, joy, laughter, and sadness. Unfortunately for me, I was so busy being my “brother’s keeper” that I never realized the phenomenal human being my brother, Andy, had become. It took Andy’s death for me to realize the “role model” I had lost. Death stole my chance ever to say thank you while Andy was alive.


This memoir shares the emotions of a brother’s love. Each of my life’s accomplishments has in some way been shaped by my brother’s life and the way he lived it. Born with a cloud over his head, Andy struggled to learn and to fit in. Born with a rainbow in his heart, Andy would love and be loved in a way that I finally came to understand too late. This memoir is my gift of gratitude to my hero and role model. May it inspire those who read it to express their appreciation to those people who have made them into who they are today. In my case, it is my brother, who I loved more than I ever knew. A Brother’s Love is Andy’s story and mine; it is a love story for all ages.”

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