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Sergeant Matthew Hill, Ouachita Parish Sheriffs Office (Louisiana) is the author of Blue Attitudes.

According to the book description of Blue Attitudes, "Drawing from the Beatitudes given by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount, Sergeant Hill applies those principles to being a law enforcement officer. Full of Scripture and on-the-job stories from various times in Sergeant Hills career patrolling the streets of Ouachita Parish, LA, Blue Attitudes is not only for police officers and their families, but for civilians as well.  The book was released by Matthew 7:12 Ministries. Sergeant Hill always knew that he wanted to work in law enforcement. He fulfilled his childhood dream when he joined the Sheriffs Office in 2001. In 2008, his life changed when he became a Christian.  "As I have grown in my faith, my beliefs about my interest in law enforcement have changed dramatically," said Sgt. Hill. "Viewing the world through the lens of Gods Word has challenged me to think differently about who I am and what I do."


"My childhood interest may have simply been me recognizing my calling, without knowing that was what I was doing," he continued. "I believe that I did not choose to be a police officer, but that I was called into the profession by God. I am in this profession to serve His purpose, not mine." Blue Attitudes covers a wide range of topics, which include the importance of God and family, integrity, death, and loving others.  Sergeant Hill shares stories where he feels as though he meets the expectations of Jesus and examples of times when he failed to rise to the occasion. Blue Attitudes not only offers guidance for police officers and their families, but also gives civilians an inside look into the life of a Christian law enforcement officer."

About the Ouachita Parish Sheriffs Office

Ouachita Parish Sheriffs Office (Louisiana) is a full service law enforcement agency that is organized into seven division: Administration, Uniformed Patrol, Investigations, Ouachita Correctional Center, Transitional Work Program and the Public Range.  The Uniformed Patrol Division "has 98 deputies, with combined service time of approximately 987 years of experience. There are a total of 88 units assigned to this division, which includes 71 take-home units and 19 pool units. The uniform patrol street deputies are divided into 4 shifts that consist of about 15 deputies per shift, including 2 K-9 Officers. Patrol deputies are responsible for answering the daily calls for assistance needed in our community. There is also a full-time Desk Sergeant that is available to assist with the daily walk-in complaints and calls that can be handled over the phone. On average, these deputies answer approximately 1,600 to 1,700 calls per month."

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