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Art of Vengeance
Mel J. McNairy  More Info

About the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department

In September 1854, thirty-three years after the City of Indianapolis was founded, Mayor James McCready appointed 14 men to the first police force, under the command of Captain Jefferson Springsteen. Prior to 1854, peace was maintained in Indianapolis by a town marshal, the sheriff and a few deputies, a volunteer night watch, and a small number of constables and justices of the peace.


The Offices of the Marion County Sheriff, Marion County Prosecutor and Justice of the Peace were created under Indiana's Constitution in 1816. The first Sheriff of Marion County was Hervey Bates and he was elected to a two-year term beginning in 1822. The first Marion County Jail was a log cabin built on the northwest corner of the intersection of Market and Delaware in downtown, Indianapolis.  The county had to pay $59 to have the woods at the corner cleared before construction could begin.


The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department was established on January 1, 2007, by General Ordinance 110, consolidating the former Indianapolis Police Department with the law enforcement division of the Marion County Sheriff's Department. The ordinance assigns responsibility for the police department to the sheriff who appoints a chief of police, under whose direction the department operates.




Mel McNairy joined the Indianapolis Police Department 1980. In addition to being a field training officer for the Indianapolis Police Department, he has been a air traffic control in the military, martial arts instructor and a student of creative writing, commercial art and Japanese.  His book, Art of Vengeance, is billed as a “fast-paced novel crafted by an 18 year veteran of the Indianapolis Police Department.

According to the book description of Art of Vengeance, “At a time when urban police forces can use a new hero, a real-life 18-year police veteran brings us this fast-paced novel about a cop that we wish was really on the street for us.”

One reader of Art of Vengeance said, “this is a fun book. It's a quick and easy read with a good plot and some interesting twists. The writing is clear and concise. The author has a real knack for drawing you into the plot by painting vivid pictures of real action scenes. I recommend it for someone looking for a fun mystery detective novel that's easy to read. Sometimes you want a book that doesn't take a lot of work to get through!”

One reader of Art of Vengeance said, “A Fantastic fictional story. Mr. McNairy uses his police background and his imagination to devise a great novel. It's a book you can not put down once you begin. This defiantly is a must read novel.”

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