Under Joseph Fouche, the French Ministry of Police became an institution of political repression.

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Miami Police Department (Florida)

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About the Miami Police Department
In 1896 the City of Miami was incorporated and elected their first law enforcement official, a town marshal.  In 1907, the office of town marshal was abandoned in favor of creating a police department and the Miami Police Department was formed.  Today, The Miami Police Department is a full service law enforcement agency which consists of over 1000 sworn police officers and over 350 civilian police employees.  The Miami Police Department is organized into four large divisions: Field Operations Division; Internal Affairs Division; Criminal Investigations Division; and, Administration Division. 


According to the Miami Police Department, “The most visible component of the Department is the Field Operations Division which is responsible for the day-to-day delivery of police services within the City of Miami.  These are the uniformed men and women that patrol the City's neighborhoods, engage in community policing projects, support various community involvement programs, and provide the nucleus for the specialized cadres that augment the patrol force within the Department.


The Criminal Investigations Division is the investigative arm of the Department.  The highly trained and experienced professionals that comprise this Division focus on a wide range of criminal activities within the City of Miami.  Their expertise in a variety of police science disciplines enables them to skillfully investigate crime and apprehend offenders.  


The Administration Division performs the administrative and logistical functions that are crucial to the continued effective operations of the Department.  A dedicated staff of both civilian and sworn personnel, the members of this Division ensure that the Department has the appropriate resources, including budget, manpower, communications, data systems, records, and equipment to support the overall law enforcement efforts of the Department.”




Selected books by a Miami Police Department police officer.

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