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About the El Paso Police Department

Early law and order in El Paso was turbulent with city marshals being hired solely for their ability to shoot fast and straight.  The first city marshal was appointed in 1873.


Late in 1880, Marshal Dallas Stoudermire was involved in the killing of  five men in one shoot-out.  During this time, the town was open to outlaws.  By 1883, the city marshal's force was expanded to five officers.  The following year marked the establishment of what is now known as the El Paso Police Department. History of the El Paso Police Department


Today El Paso, with a population of over 600,000, is a large city without big city problems.  Resting at the far west corner of Texas, with Mexico to the south and New Mexico to the west, El Paso is the 17th largest city in the United States and holds the distinction of being one of the six safest cities in the country.  EL Paso is uniquely recognized as the largest U.S. city on the Mexican-American border.  The city offers a diversified culture and enterprise and is currently enjoying Texas' fastest growing economy.


The El Paso Police Department currently employs over 1,100 officers and nearly 300 civilian employees who serve with pride and dedication.  The Department is committed to providing quality community policing from its five Regional Command Centers located throughout the city.  Each Command Center offers full policing services to its residents including routine patrol, traffic enforcement, detective services, community relations and other specialized functions.  The Department's administration and centralized major crime units are housed in its centrally located Headquarters Building.


Law enforcement in El Paso presents a unique challenge due to its proximity to both an international and State border.  Each day, thousands of people enter El Paso from Mexico and New Mexico to visit, work and shop.  El Paso's population combined with those of Juarez, Mexico and neighboring U.S. communities form a metroplex of nearly 2 million people.  Despite the high demand for police services, the professional men and women of the Department join with its community to meet the challenge.




Michael Aman was a commissioned officer in the German Air Force from 1984 to 1993.  Upon immigrating to the United States he joined the El Paso Police Department and has risen to the rank of detective.  Michael Aman has served in the Gang Unit, Cold Case Squad, Criminal Investigations Division, Dignitary Protection Unit, and the Patrol Division.


Michael Aman has an MBA from the German Armed Forces University. During his law enforcement career, Michael Aman Developed a course for law enforcement officials called “Defense Against Terrorist Suicide Attacks.”  Eventually, that course led to the book Preventing Suicide Terrorist Attacks.  


He described the book as a self-study training manual for law officers or for civilians who want to be informed about the topic. According to an interview in the El Paso Times Michael Aman said, “It's really written for police officers, specifically patrol officers who might come in contact with these guys. That's the main target audience.”


According to the book description of Preventing Suicide Terrorist Attacks, “It won't happen here, is a common belief when it comes to suicide attacks by terrorists, but unfortunately-it can. This text provides essential information for law enforcement officers on techniques for recognizing potential terrorists and preventing suicide attacks. Information discussed is applicable to preventing attacks that are domestic and international in origin. This resource is ideal for self-study or as a four-hour training course.”

Preventing Terrorist Suicide Attacks by Michael Aman

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