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In 1986, Michael Conti joined the Massachusetts State Police. During his career he has worked in a variety of assignments, including patrol, SWAT, special security details and undercover assignments. He has been involved as a professional trainer since 1991 and holds numerous instructor certifications in various use of force disciplines.

In January 2000, Michael Conti was tasked by then Superintendent of the Massachusetts State Police to organize, staff, and train the first full-time Firearms Training Unit.  During the creation of the unit, Michael Conti developed a firearms training program specifically geared to preparing police officers for the realities of the lethal force encounter. This successful program, dubbed The New Paradigm of Police Firearms Training, has received nation-wide attention and been profiled by the Law Enforcement Training Network (LETN).   Michael Conti retired in 2010.

In addition to his work for the Massachusetts State Police, Michael E. Conti has written four books, In the Line of Fire: A Working Cop’s Guide to Pistolcraft (1997), and Beyond Pepper Spray: The Complete Guide to Chemical Agents, Delivery Systems, and Protective Masks (2002); Police Pistol Craft: The Reality-Based New Paradigm of Police Firearms Training and The Officer's Guide to Police Pistolcraft.

According to the book description of The Officer's Guide to Police Pistolcraft, “The Officer's Guide to Police Pistolcraft provides a wealth of information relating to the pistol and its use by the modern-day police, security, or military professional. Written in an easy to read and understand format by Mike Conti, an internationally-recognized and award winning police firearms trainer and author, this book has already received a number of favorable reviews in the short time it has been available.

Ed Lovette has called it the gold standard for giving an officer the basic skills in pistolcraft... John Farnam wrote that a copy should be in the hands of every young police officer! Dave Grossman has described it as a tremendous resource for the police officer and the police trainer. Complete with over 400 pages of vital information and more than 300 photographs and illustrations, The Officer's Guide to Police Pistolcraft is a MUST HAVE for anyone whose life may depend upon their skills and abilities with a handgun!”

According to the book description of Beyond Pepper Spray: The Complete Guide to Chemical Agents, Delivery Systems, and Protective Masks, “Veteran police officer Michael Conti presents the first complete coverage of chemical agents and equipment from the perspective of a street cop. In one comprehensive volume, readers can quickly and easily find pertinent information about modern chemical agents, how they are deployed, their effects and state-of-the-art protective gear. It includes the most common chemical agent weapons (from OC spray to gas launchers to thermal fogging systems), specialty impact munitions and military-class chemical agent weapons (from blood and blister agents to deadly nerve agents), as well as a concise history of their development and use. This allows the reader to better understand the role these devices have played in the past and the role they may play in the coming years, both by law enforcement agencies and terrorist organizations. This is a must-read for law enforcement, military and security personnel, or anyone with a responsibility for, or concern about, the use of chemical agents. Especially timely now is the section on how to ensure personal safety in the event of a chemical attack.”

According to the book description of Jelly Bryce: The Legend Begins, "From his earliest days, Delf 'Jelly' Bryce had an almost mystical affinity for all things firearms. Growing up in the wilds of Mountain View, Oklahoma during the first part of the Twentieth Century, young Delf mastered the pistol, rifle, and shotgun, successfully using them to win competitions as well as take home game from the plains and mountains surrounding his home. While on his way to enroll in college, Delf was sidetracked by a simple wooden sign posted along the road advertising a local police shooting competition. His decision that day to turn off the main road and test his skill against some of Oklahoma's finest marksmen would lead him down a completely different path--one littered with dangerous criminals, dedicated lawmen, and fierce violence."

According to the book description of In The Line Of Fire: A Working Cop's Guide To Pistolcraft, “As a working cop, you want to end your patrol in the same condition you began: alive and uninjured. Improve your odds by reading and mastering the information in this book on pistol selection, stopping power, combat reloading, stoppages, carrying devices, stances, grips and Conti's "secrets" to accurate shooting.”

One reader of In The Line Of Fire: A Working Cop's Guide To Pistolcraft said, “Michael Conti has written a thorough and very informative text on handguns and their tactical applications. While many handgun books are heavy on the "tactical" side and seem biased towards military and law enforcement, "Line of Fire" is written so that the average handgun owner will find it useful and not overly complicated. Another plus is the extensive coverage of revolvers, which while out of favor in the police world remain very popular among civilians. If you need a quality book to reinforce good habits and teach new ones, take a long look at "In the Line of Fire.”

About the Massachusetts State Police
The Massachusetts State Police was created in 1865, making it the oldest statewide law enforcement agency in the nation. Today, the department is comprised of 2,300 sworn officers and 400 civilian personnel.  The Division of Field Services is the largest division with the Massachusetts State Police.  It is organized into Troops; A through E.  First organized in 1921, the Division of Field Services consists of over 1500 state troopers.

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