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Michael Digby

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Michael Digby "spent seven years in the United States Army and 34 with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department – the last seventeen as a detective/bomb technician on the Arson-Explosives Detail (Bomb Squad). Now somewhat retired, he reads, travels and continues to consult and provide training on bomb and arson related matters throughout the country.". Michael Digby is the author of The Bombs, Bombers and Bombings of Los Angeles and A Bombing in the Wilshire-Pico District.

According to the book description of The Bombs, Bombers and Bombings of Los Angeles, "In the crime annals of Southern California, little mention is made of the many bombs, bombers and bombings that have plagued the region since the turn of the Twentieth Century. There have been airplane bombings, car bombs, boat bombings, suicide bombers, terrorist and lunatic bombers – absolutely no shortage of bombs. That they occurred in the Los Angeles metropolitan area long before the words ‘Al Qaeda’ or ‘ISIS’ were ever spoken, is mostly forgotten. The author reviewed police, fire, court and coroner’s archives, noting a somewhat one-dimensional and impersonal look at many of these cases. But it was the interviews of the bombers, their victims, the bomb detectives and bomb technicians alike, that revealed a more in-depth and fascinating look at these events."

According to the book description of The A Bombing in the Wilshire-Pico District, " campaign of terrorist and anarchist bombings gripped the United States throughout the first two decades of the Twentieth Century. There were hundreds of bombings committed by extremist elements within the American labor movement, Italian anarchists, Sicilian mobsters, German saboteurs, ‘Red” agitators, street thugs and lunatics, all with an axe to grind and a willingness to advance their terrorist causes.

Amidst this chaos, a nascent group of amateurs embarked on their own city-wide campaign of terror – committing murder and sabotage, assaulting, threatening and blackmailing witnesses, setting fire to a church and a private home before blowing up the home of a prominent Los Angeles attorney.

What follows is a 1919 Los Angeles story. It is the story of a shrewd and conniving woman with a seemingly powerful ‘little black book’ who would stop at nothing to steal her murdered husbands real estate empire, a woman who set out to avenge the loss of that fortune and the story of her fawning gentlemen suitors, all willing to do anything for her, to include committing murder. It is also the story of the lawmen who exposed this brazen conspiracy of murder, arson and bombing.



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