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Sheriff Michael Hawley began his law enforcement career in 1988 when he joined the Island County Sheriff's Office as a deputy sheriff. Michael Hawley rose through the ranks serving as a detective, detective lieutenant, and jail manager. He was first appointed Sheriff in 1996 to fill a vacated position until the next election.  He was subsequently elected the next year to complete the unexpired term, and was then re-elected to a full four-year term in 1998 and again in 2002.   

Before his law enforcement career, Michael Hawley taught high school history. He continues to teach as an adjunct professor of criminal justice for Chapman University at their satellite college located at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, Washington. Michael Hawley is a graduate of Western Washington University, BA, 1974, the University of Washington, MEd, 1979 and Chapman University, MS, 1995. Mike Hawley is the author of the mysteries Silent Proof and Double Bluff. 

Amazon.com said of Double Bluff, “When a photograph of her lover, fellow officer John Darby, is found at the scene of a college coed's murder, Seattle detective Leah Harris takes a very personal interest in the investigation. Then Internal Affairs investigator Frank Milkovich uncovers a stash of Mexican heroin and nearly a million dollars in cash in the dead woman's house and discovers that Darby isn't who he said he was. What's the connection between the death of Christina Herrera and the disappearance of John Darby, and why are the chief of police and several of his top officers trying to keep it a secret? Hawley does a good job in this debut thriller, driving a crisp, tight narrative to a surprising denouement, and creating a couple of characters who deserve another outing.”

One reader of Double Bluff said, “Det. Sgt. Leah Harris, of the Seattle Police Department, was called out at two o'clock in the morning. She was the lead of the "HIT" Team (Homicide Investigation Team) that was assigned. The victim had been a college girl, Christina Herrera. Her body had been slashed several times. Investigator Frank Milkovich of I.A. (Internal Affairs) was called in when a photo of a copy, John Darby, was found in Christina's home. That was bad since Leah had just left Darby in her bed when she'd been called to the homicide. Since the time of death could not be pinpointed, Darby was considered a suspect without an alibi. Worse, the victim's house seemed to be part of a Colombian Drug Cell. Christina looked as though she had been "house-sitting" to protect the Cartel's hidden money. Her uncle was a V.P. of a local bank and he seemed to have many cops on his payroll! It was an explosive situation which WILL only get worse!

Authors are told to write what they know about. The little detailed facts that only insiders know make the stories more real to the readers. Well, Sheriff Mike Hawley does exactly that! This story is an outstanding piece of work! In fact, I believe Mike Hawley may be to Homicide Investigation novels what John Grisham is to Legal novels! I lost a lot of sleep because I simply could not put the book down. It was non-stop action and mystery from the first paragraph. Michael A. Hawley is destined to hit the best seller list in the future! Keep your eyes on this author, Readers!”

Silent Proof
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Double Bluff
Michael A. Hawley  More Info

According to the book description of Silent Proof, “Twenty-five years ago, a woman was murdered in a Seattle park. The crime went unsolved. To homicide detective Leah Harris and her partner Frank Milkovich, the only possible suspect is Clifford Bakerman-a career criminal about to be released from prison on an unrelated rap. They have thirty-six hours to make another charge stick and keep Bakerman where he belongs. But startling new evidence-and a shocking new murder-plunge Leah and Frank into a life-and-death game with a deadly-and secret-opponent.”

One reader of Silent Proof said, it “is written proof that Michael A. Hawley knows of what he writes -- he's a real-life crime fighter. And Hawley knows how to write about crime so that the reader is kept in thrall from the first page to the last. Silent Proof is action-packed with big-city cops, crooks and courtroom drama. Once you pick up this thriller, you won't put it back down until you've finished the last chapter. It's gripping, fast paced, believable. My only question is when is Hawley's next book coming out -- this is an author to bookmark!”

About the Island County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Mark C. Brown of the Island County Sheriff’s Office said, “I believe strongly in a community that works together with law enforcement to help solve crime and make Island County a safer place to live. In order to commit to this philosophy, I will dedicate myself to answering the needs of the citizens and fostering their trust in the men and women of the Island County Sheriff's Office.”

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