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Mike King is a National Law Enforcement Account Manager for ESRI, the Environmental Systems Research Institute, a worldwide leader of GIS software.  He was a Product Planning Manager for Motorola, Inc. from 2004-2006.  In 2004, Mike retired from full-time law enforcement and has over 28 years of service.  He began his law enforcement career in 1979.  After 8 years of experience with the Ogden Utah Police Department, Mike became the Chief of Staff for Weber County Attorney, Reed M. Richards.  He served in that capacity, and as lead investigator for 8 years.  While in Weber County, Mike investigated the Zion Society cult, which is still considered to be one of the most successfully investigated and prosecuted cases of organized ritual abuse of children in our country’s history.  More than 3,000 felony counts of sexual abuse were documented in the case, with all those charged, receiving prison sentences.

In 1993, Mike became an investigator with the Utah Attorney General’s Office where he investigated sexual offenses, cult activity and white-collar crimes.  He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and eventually promoted to Chief of Staff under Attorney General Jan Graham.  During this time, King was trained as a criminal profiler through the FBI.  He served as the co-chair of the FBI’s Violent Criminal Apprehension Program National Board.  Mike has consulted on hundreds of complex criminal cases around the world.  Additionally, he has appeared in a leading role in the Emmy Award winning production of “The Assassination of King Tut” and has worked exclusively for the Discovery Channel and A&E’s History’s Mysteries on the “Curse of King Tut”. 

Mike has authored, in part or whole, the following published books, “Jane, A Woman’s Determination and the Wild West Frontier,” December 2009, IQ Design, Inc., “Predators, Who Are They and How Do We Stop Them,” June 2007, Prometheus Press, NY.  “Cold Case Methodology,” 2006, LawTech Publishing, CA.   “Profilers,” 2006 Prometheus Press, NY  “Who Killed King Tut?,” 2005, Prometheus Press, NY, and  “Analyzing Criminal Behavior,” 2001, IQ Publishing, UT.  

He has the following published works; “Interviewing the Incarcerated Offender Convicted of Sexually Assaulting the Elderly” Journal of Forensic Nursing, Fall 2006, and, “Organizing Multi-jurisdictional Task Forces” 1999, The FBI Journal.

Mike has a Master of Criminal Justice Degree and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice.  He is an adjunct faculty member for the school of criminal justice at Salt Lake Community College and Weber State University.  He is a member of the Harvard Medical School Program in Psychiatry and the Law (2003-present) and is a Visiting Scholar for the School of Nursing at Boston College (2005-present).  He has appeared on national and international news shows, talk shows and documentaries, and has instructed law enforcement in the United States, Canada, England, Mexico, Portugal, Spain and Egypt.

According to the book description of Jane, A Woman's Determination and the Wild-West Frontier, “Jane McKechnie Walton was murdered during Utah's statehood day celebration in 1891.  One hundred and eighteen years later, her great-great grandson, retired police lieutenant Mike King has solved her homicide.  Jane emigrated to the United States from Scotland in 1850, crossing the ocean in a wooden sailing ship where she braved hurricanes, sickness and burials at sea...  She walked the American plains as a pioneer and was a member of the famous Hole-in-the-Rock expedition where pioneers lowered wagons and more than 1,000 head of livestock off of two thousand foot cliffs to the Colorado River below.  She settled in the four corners area of the western frontier where she and her family dealt with murderous indians and forsaken outlaws.  This true story is gripping and entertaining.   “Jane is the most amazing person you've never heard of," says Tim Gurrister of the Standard Examiner.  A must read!”

Cold Case Methodology if designed to provide students with an overview and practical understanding of the processes, theories and investigative techniques of Cold Case Investigations. Operative and sequential procedures that lead to successful closure of Cold Cases will also be examined. Covered areas include; development of cold case units, solvability factors, review and evaluation of evidence, and the basic and advanced technological methods employed by Cold Case squads.

Comments on Michael King’s Analyzing Criminal Behavior:

"A comprehensive overview into serial crime motivation and methodology. It is easy to understand and very beneficial. Highly recommended." -- Philip Carlo, Author: The Night Stalker, Stolen Flower, The Real Devil, East of Evil and Writer/Director of the Tony Award winning, Things That Should Be Said

"This fascinating book shows one how to investigate the criminal mind. A compelling and intriguing read for anyone.” -- Kate Botting, Documentary Producer Atlantic Productions, London, England

"This is a book for professional investigators, by professional investigators. Even a great book for psychologists, therapists and counselors." -- Dr. Fred Cowie, Ph.D., Former Liaison to Law Enforcement for Terrorism, Liaison to Indian Nations,

The Midwest Book review said of Michael Kings Who Killed King Tut?: Using Modern Forensics to Solve a 3300-Year-Old Mystery, “The collaboration of Michael R. King, Gregory Cooper, Don DeNevi, and Joan Fletcher, Who Killed King Tut?: Using Modern Forensics To Solve a 3300-Year-Old Mystery is a survey of a 3,000 year old mystery and how modern forensics could solve the crime. Two new law enforcement specialists in forensics and the psychological of criminal behavior here use modern crime-solving techniques to add a very different perspective and evidence overlooked by specialists in Egyptology and archaeology. The conclusion: Tut was most likely murdered; the evidence: in Who Killed King Tut?”

Cold Case Methodology
Mike King & Greg Cooper  More Info

Who Killed King Tut?: Using Modern Forensics to Solve a 3300-Year-Old Mystery
Michael R. King  More Info

Analyzing Criminal Behavior
Gregory M. Cooper  More Info

According to the book description of Michael King’s Predators: Who They Are and How to Stop Them, “An inmate, incarcerated for the rape of seventy-five women, reveals in an interview that if his victims had simply put a pair of old construction boots at the front door, he would have passed by and never even considered them as potential targets. The grieving father of a murdered seventeen-year-old woman admits that he should have been more involved in his daughter's life and paid attention to the "friends" in her immediate circle.

Most of us only half-listen to the public service announcements about safety in the home. We lock our doors at night, but do little else to change habits that may make us the next victims of the dangerous individuals who are always on the watch for their next opportunity.

This book takes readers through the mindset of predatory criminals--their motives, various plans of attack, and way of thinking--and then teaches simple lifestyle techniques that will help reduce the risk of becoming victimized. Criminal behavior specialists Greg Cooper and Mike King provide expert analysis based on real-life cases, in addition to moving insights from victims and criminals themselves. The authors make the point that the people who commit these crimes aren't much different from the predators of the wild, preying on the weak and unsuspecting. What makes these individuals more dangerous than their instinctive wildlife counterparts, however, is that they consciously choose to inflict their will on the more vulnerable members of their own species. To protect our loved ones and ourselves requires that we truly educate ourselves about the predators who live in our society and then take appropriate action. This excellent, in-depth study will help readers lead safer lives.

About the Ogden Police Department

According to the Chief of Police of The Ogden Police Department, it “is a department rich with history, tradition and service to our community of approximately 80,000 people. We are the county seat of a larger community known as Weber County, Utah, that numbers close to 200,000 people. The Ogden Police Department has been providing law enforcement services to this community since 1855.

Although we still provide basic services much the same way as we always have, the changes in the development of technology over the years has increased our departments capability to provide the most up to date and professional work by the most dedicated employees any organization would be proud to employ. Technology, like the computer you are using to view this message, has dramatically increased our ability to provide you, our customers, with the information you desire.

The Ogden Police Department is a Community Policing based department of 130 sworn police officers supported by a civilian work force of 80 non-sworn and volunteer professionals. The community of Ogden covers approximately 27 square.”

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