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Michael D. Ranalli

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Search & Seizure Law of Nys: Volume I - Street Encounters
Michael D. Ranalli  More Info

About the Glenville Police Department:

The Glenville Police Department serves a population of approximately 21,000 and covers 50 square miles of territory. The department is comprised of 26 sworn officers, 11 dispatchers, 2 secretaries and 1 dog control officer. The department received over 14,000 calls for service last year. According to their website, they were:  First agency in the Capital District Region to replace sworn police officers with civilian dispatch personnel;

First agency in the area to install a network of microcomputers to perform police administrative functions; First agency in the region to implement a system for management of criminal investigations through employment of "solvability factors", resulting in productive follow-up efforts; First agency in the area to implement the "Neighborhood Watch" crime prevention program; First agency in the region to install computer based radio communications in the 800-megahertz frequency range; First agency in the region to transition officers from the traditional police revolver to new semi-automatic pistols; and, First agency in New York State to install the Law Enforcement Television Network satellite training system.






Michael D. Ranalli was a police officer for the Colonie Police Department (New York).  He retired from the Colonie Police Department at the rank of lieutenant and became the Chief of Police of the Town of Glenville Police Department (New York).  He is the author of Search and Siezure Law of New York State, Volume One, Street Encounters.

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