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In 1966, Michael Solomon joined the New York Police Department.  During his 15 year career, he received 19 awards for excellent and meritorious police work.  He has a Bachelors Degree; and, Master is Public Administration.  After leaving the New York Police Department, he worked several years in the private sector in the areas of management and finance before striking out on his own as an author and speaker.  His first book, Success by Default, is about the depersonalization of corporate America.  According to Forbes Magazine, “it is an unbelievable study in Humanness.  It is a must read, not only for the business leader but everyone.  This book belongs on the desk of every CEO in America.


According to Michael Solomon, his second book, Where Did My America Go? was written for two reasons, “First as a traditionalist, I am insulted by the American Civil Liberties Union actions trying to tell me what is good for me. That was my parent’s obligation and I know they did a damn good job of it.


Secondly, I wanted to search for the truth in American politics instead of listening to the biased media that likes to print only what they want us to know. As I spell it out and name names you will constantly be asked are you outraged yet?”

According to the book description of Where Did My America Go?, “Take heed America there are progressive changes happening you may not like. However, the author does leave the reader with a solution. Michael Solomon is just an ordinary independent citizen who has had enough of the rhetoric from politicians on both sides of the aisle; especially the Left. He is not a talk show host, so his voice has never been heard. However, he may be starting a revolution against the progressive changes that are tearing down the fibers of the fabric of America. In his new book "Where Did My America Go?" the author challenges the American people to take a hard look around them at what is happening to this country before it is too late. He explains it with compassion and defines it in simple every day language that anyone can understand. His message is critical for the survival of America as it once was. He has witnessed the actions of the ACLU in their attempt, he believes, to carry out a plan to overthrow the American Government through political correctness.

He believes that groups that articulate hatred are dismantling the pedestal that America once stood on. They use the constitution as a soapbox for reform without ever considering the long-range consequences of their actions. The author believes it is time to fight back. He has developed a plan to allow the silent majority to have their voice heard along with his. What follows is an examination of what has transpired in America throughout the last millennium and crossing into the new century. The author tackles sensitive issues in political America today, about which many people have expressed their anger, but have remained silent except in private circles. Solomon examines with bold retrospect the issues of the war in Iraq, the media, education, Tort Reform, racial discrimination, the Ten Commandments, the oil crisis, the Middle East, immigration, global warming and a host of other issues that concern most Americans.

The author suggests that the New York Times may have succumbed to a self-serving, self-imposed, self-righteous form of extortion from terrorists. He examines how the press has and continually tries to influence the path of America through its biased reporting and skewed polls that are harmful to the American people and serve no one except their own agenda. Throughout the book Solomon constantly asks the reader if they are outraged yet? If you are not, you will be as soon as you start to read "Where Did My America Go?" No topic is safe. He makes a strong, compassionate and persuasive plea to join him on Flag Day, 2007 to wake up American politicians and tell them in a nonpartisan voice to "Bring Back My America." If you are ready for the next "Boston Tea Party," this is the book for you. A must read, especially in today's political environment.”

Success By Default: The Depersonalization Of Corporate America
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Where Did My America Go?
Michael Solomon  More Info

One reader of Where Did My America Go? said, “Michael Solomon tells it like it is and holds no punches. His book thrusts a wooden stake into the heart of America's unchecked political correctness that pits each of us against the other. And it's no accident when you know the facts that Michael presents in his new book, 'Where did my America go?' Michael writes about political correctness as a dangerous sticky tar that tarnishes everything in its path, repurposing most aspects of life that had been uniquely good about living in America. The subhead of his book, 'Get ready for the next Boston Tea Party,' says it all, reflecting his personal plan to take back America with a huge write-in by millions of Americans on Flag Day in 2007. He invites you to come join others around the country as they make ready for the next peaceful American Revolution. Michael was the recipient of 19 medals for meritorious and exceptional police work while serving the New York City Police Department for 15 years.”

According to the book description of Success By Default: The Depersonalization of Corporate America, “Everyone who has ever known the Author has told him he has a story that must be told-now he has. The author shows how he has taken control of his life after many negative experiences in his personal life and in the corporate world. He has witnessed people, including himself, being belittled and stepped on. In his business he defies the corporate bullies and uses their competitive edge to his advantage. Through his father's teachings, the author passes to us a valuable lesson by putting the humanness back into business. He does this by not stepping on his employee's and customers but, by making heroes of them all. Then when he became successful, he gave some of it away. He shows the reader how to look defeat in the face and laugh.”

From the History of the New York City Police Department 

Something by way of explanation of the instruments and methods by which criminals were punished, may be mentioned at this part of our narrative, supplementary to what has already been said on the same subject. The early annals of New York, as we have seen, make frequent mention of these instruments of torture. They were, in fact, a part (and by no means an insignificant part ) of the correctional institutions of the city. Mention has been made of the cage, stocks, pillory, whipping-post, and ducking-stool--all parts of the established plan "to hold the wicked and to punish guilt." They stood in front of the City hall, and were kept in good repair. That they were not there for any idle show we have evidence in abundance. The first instruments of the kind mentioned, as has been pointed out, stood in front of the old City Hall, at Coentis Slip. When the new City Hall was built at the head of Broad Street, on Wall Street, these appliances were removed thither. They are, some ten year later (1710), removed to the upper end of Broad Street, a little below the City Hall.

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