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Detective Michael J. Worden, Port Jervis Police Department, "is a real life police detective, historical researcher and paranormal investigator. He has a background in the sciences, having studied and worked in the field of exercise physiology and sports medicine for over ten years before pursuing a lifelong dream of being a police officer. His background in the sciences includes research, testing and evaluation, and the scientific method. His law enforcement training and experience brings investigative know how and natural inquisitiveness. He has been a police officer since 1999 and has held the rank of detective since January 2006."  Detective Michael J. Worden is the author of The Murder of Richard Jennings: The True Story of New York's First Murder for Hire and Ghost Detective.

According to the book description of The Murder of Richard Jennings: The True Story of New York's First Murder for Hire, "the brutal murder of Richard Jennings in December of 1818 would gain notoriety as the first murder for hire in New York. It would also be remembered as an imperfect crime. Four men - James Teed, David Dunning, David Conkling and Jack Hodges - and one woman, Hannah Teed, had conspired to murder Jennings after losing a protracted court battle over a parcel of land. Poorly made plans and rumors in the close knit community of Sugar Loaf led to a quick unraveling of the conspiracy and arrest of the perpetrators. Future President Martin Van Buren assisted in prosecuting the case which ended up with two men in prison and two men to face the hangman before a crowd of almost 20,000 people. One of the men spared the noose would later end up a renowned Christian with a memorial in his honor. Author and police detective Michael J. Worden explores the complexity of this incident in an entertaining yet historically accurate manner. Worden examines the case from the origins of the dispute, to the plot, murder, and aftermath. Worden has redefined what a true crime book should be."


According to the book description of Ghost Detective, "Real life police detective Michael J. Worden shares his insights and experiences in the world of paranormal research. Ghost Detective is a fascinating look at ghost hunting and Michael uses wit, humor and common sense to engage the reader from beginning to end. This book is great for anyone who is interested in ghosts or ghost hunting. Experienced investigators and the novice ghost hunter alike will enjoy this book."

About the Port Jervis Police Department
The Port Jervis Police Department in New York State is a full service law enforcement agency.  Two of the major functions of the police department are patrol and detectives.  According to the Port Jervis Police Department, "the uniformed patrol function is the backbone of the City of Port Jervis Police Department. It is the most visible of all divisions, and members assigned to patrol are primarily in marked patrol vehicles, although at times they may be seen patrolling on foot, bicycle, or other specialized vehicles. The primary duties of the Patrol Division are the preservation of the rights of citizens, the reduction of fear of crime within the community, the maintenance of public order, providing community service and the protection of persons and property. Specifically, uniformed patrol officers: Respond to all calls for police service; Conduct thorough preliminary investigations of all offenses; Conduct follow-up investigations in cases where the responsibility is not yielded to another division; Apprehend offenders and recovers stolen property; Enforce laws and ordinances; Conduct high visibility traffic enforcement and education; Conduct crime prevention and suppression activities; Conduct public education and outreach; Maintain close liaisons with the community and fosters positive police-community relations; Engage in problem solving activities with our residents; and, Respond to non-criminal complaints."

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