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About the Louisville Police Department

March 8, 1856 – The General Assembly of the Commonwealth passed an act relating to the “Police Department in the City of Louisville”. This act repealed the office of Watchman and established a Police Department. It was decided on April 24, 1856 that the Police Department should be modeled after the ones in the eastern cities, with a total of fifty-two officers from Chief of Police to officer. The city was divided into eleven police districts and the officers were assigned accordingly. By 1872, the department had grown to 180 men. As of January 5, 2003, the Louisville Police Department had 733 officers, and consisted of 6 districts serving the City of Louisville.




Mike Butler was a police officer for the Louisville Police Department (Kentucky) for 13 years.  He retired in 2000 at the rank of detective.  Mike Butler is the author of Landlording on Auto-Pilot: A Simple, No-Brainer System for Higher Profits and Fewer Headaches.  According to the book description, “Discover how Mike Butler managed 75 rental properties while working full-time as a police detective—before he hired any part-time help.  Once you've learned Mike Butler's system, you'll make more money in less time with less effort. Today, Mike Butler is retired from the police force and enjoys more than $1 million a year from his rental properties. Using the techniques and strategies of Landlording on Autopilot will help you achieve your dreams.”

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