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Sheriff Mike LaPaglia was “born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. His career in Criminal Justice spanned forty years. An Air Force enlistee, Mike LaPaglia was honorably discharged and reenlisted in the US Air Force Reserves as Special Agent for the OSI (Office of Special Investigation). In 1957, Mike LaPaglia joined the ranks of the NYPD assigned to Homicide-Organized Crime Squad. In 1976, he joined the ranks of the Ulster County Sheriff s Office where he headed a Special Investigation Division and was later promoted to Captain in charge of all police services. In 1986, Mike LaPaglia was elected Sheriff and retired in 1998.” Mike LaPaglia is the author of Vendetta: Sicilian Justice and The Telic Sanction.

According to the book description of the Vendetta: Sicilian Justice, it is a “riveting suspense filled saga about a little Italian boy from Gangi, in the mountains of Sicily and his tumultuous rise through the Mafia ranks in America.”

According to the book description of The Telic Sanction, “the Coralbank robbery-murder case had too many unanswered questions for NYPD Detective Mike Gallo. Obsessed with a need to know, Gallo plummets into an abyss of dead ends while clashing with his boss, and the CIA. Pressed to drop his investigation, Gallo is forced to make unorthodox moves to uncover some dark deep secret that had not yet surfaced.”

About the Ulster County Sheriff’s Office
According to the Ulster County Sheriff's Office, it “was established in 1661. The Sheriff of Ulster County is an elected official (4 year term) who is the chief law enforcement officer of the County and is the county's conservator of the peace in accordance with County Law section 650. The Ulster County Sheriff's Office is accredited by the New York State Law Enforcement Accreditation Council and is comprised of three main divisions: Criminal Division, Corrections Division and Civil Division. The Criminal Division is Headquartered in the City of Kingston and located in the Hudson Valley of New York State, the Sheriff's Criminal Division provides proactive law enforcement services to the county's residents and visitors in 20 towns, 3 villages and the city of Kingston. Ulster County is comprised of 1,150 square miles with 2,200 miles of roadways, and a population of 182,493 (2010 Census).”


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