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Mike Smitley has over thirty years of law enforcement experience. He began his career in a small Kansas police department and over time worked patrol, detectives and as a sergeant.  He retired from that department in 1997.  He then became the Chief of Police for a small police department in Wisconsin.  He left the Wisconsin department to become the chief of police of the Junction City Police Department (Kansas). Mike Smitley has a BS in criminal justice and a Master's in the Administration of Public Affairs.

After his police career, Mike Smitley began writing and also established his own publishing company, Father’s Press.  Mike Smitely is the author of Dead Files, Prey, Implied Contract and Ghost Hunt the Sequel.

According to the book description of Implied Contract, “In the world of law enforcement, there are few things more complicated and exasperating than the investigation of a serial murder. Multiple victims and multiple crime scenes require extra attention and extraordinary analytical skills. The rare instance of a sniper serial killer is perhaps the most challenging investigation of all. With little evidence and lots of danger, a high-powered rifle in the hands of an expert marksman represents an investigator's worst nightmare. That nightmare has come true for the characters in Implied Contract. Death at long distance. Imagine a serial killer who never touches his victim. Never kidnaps them, never tortures them, and never even comes close to them. Sound impossible? It's not. Very rarely, a serial killer comes along who represents the pinnacle of deadly detachment. He is a sniper. Using a high-powered rifle and the proper ammunition, he can be hundreds of yards away and still kill instantly. In the right surroundings, a sniper can operate undetected for years. The combination of no trace evidence at the scenes, no witnesses, no ballistic evidence and no informants makes this scenario next to impossible to unravel. Mason Klauss and Jill Redhorse tackle these seemingly unsolvable murders, deftly weaving through a complicated maze of corrupt politicians, crooked cops, vigilante townspeople, and a budding romantic relationship. Thrilling from beginning to end, Implied Contract examines the inherent injustices and obstacles of the criminal justice system while telling a truly unforgettable story.”

One reader of Implied Contract said, “I am a retired federal agent, and current part-time police officer. This thriller, written by a former police chief, will keep you riveted to your chair. The expertise of the author, from his years in law enforcement, really added to the book. Even as a long-time police officer, the identities of the perps involved in the tale were skillfully hidden from me by the author, until he was ready for them to be revealed.”

According to the book description of Dead Files, “Gabriel Kinnett is a young rookie officer who is thrown into a mystery that he is unqualified to solve. As a junior member of a midnight-shift full of misfit police offices, he is given mixed messages as to what is right and wrong in his profession. Torn between the desire to support his fellow officers and the requirement to testify against them, he finds himself in the middle of a career ending dilemma. As things get worse, he finds himself assigned to the Cold Case Unit, which is actually a storage bunker where unsolved cases are stored. When a series of seemingly unsolvable murders capture his interest, he begins looking for a connection. With the help of an experienced detective and a young, female prosecutor, he wrestles with the frustration of the constraints in the criminal justice system. As his life spirals out of control, Gabe makes some decisions that put him outside the acceptable practices of his profession and puts his life and career at risk. As these disastrous mistakes catch up with him, he finds redemption in the values of the worst possible role model. DEAD FILES will make you laugh, cry, cringe and cheer. If you are a thrill seeker and like stories with unpredictable twists and turns, DEAD FILES is a must read for you. There is something unique in every book that Mike Smitley writes, and although his works are fiction, they are based on reality. For a look deep inside the guarded culture of a tight-knit shift of police officers and the dark recesses of the deranged mind, take a ride on this mystery. You'll either wish that you'd been a homicide investigator or thank God that you weren’t.”

One reader of Dead Files said, “This thriller really keeps your interest, and the characters are well defined. I have been in law enforcement for almost 30 years, and I was riveted to this book. The author, who also has 30 years experience in law enforcement, does a remarkable job of making the book credible. This book will be enjoyed by everyone who likes this genre, but especially by those who have "seen the elephant", i.e., those who have worn the badge.”

According to the book description of Prey, “Allen Shear is a disgraced police detective who is trying to rebuild his life out of the shambles of a divorce, the loss of his job, the loss of his daughter's respect and alcoholism. He takes on a temporary bodyguard assignment in northern Idaho, hoping to start over and make some quick cash while avoiding bill collectors. While there, he becomes embroiled in a thirty-five year old murder investigation that engulfs him completely and thrusts him uncontrollably into a fight for his life in a wilderness where he is completely unprepared to survive. Throughout the history of man, he has had to use his intelligence and cunning to survive in a world where the other members of the animal kingdom were far better equipped to kill and keep from being killed. As civilization advanced, we have become comfortable in a society where our safety and security is guaranteed by the laws of the land, and our only fear is of our fellow man. But there are still areas of this country where, under the right circumstances, man can find himself at the bottom of the food chain. Without the advantage of firearms and cell phones, he faces predators that are faster, stealthier, stronger and better equipped to kill. Once the inborn fear of man is overcome, predators find that man is actually the easiest prey in the wilderness to kill. We are slower, weaker and have no sharp claws or teeth with which to defend ourselves. We have only our ingenuity and our fierce will to survive. Absolutely captivating from cover to cover, PREY is a compelling survival story/mystery thriller that takes place in the remote wilderness of northern Idaho. This area incidentally happens to be the southern most region of the remaining grizzly bear habitat. Where they once roamed the entire United States, development and habitat encroachment has pushed them ever farther north until they now only inhabit small pockets of wilderness in the national parks and the northernmost parts of Montana and Idaho.”

Ghost Hunt The Sequel
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Prey First Revised Edition
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Dead Files
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Implied Contract Second Revised Edition
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According to the book description of Ghost Hunt, “As a sequel to IMPLIED CONTRACT, the suspense and terror of a self-ordained death angel persists as this elusive sniper continues to hunt career criminals in the small town of Elk Ridge, Wyoming. GHOST HUNT picks up where IMPLIED CONTRACT left off, with Mason and Jill living comfortably in South Dakota. But when Jill's father, Sam, is shot, she and Mason return to Elk Ridge to unravel the mystery that has haunted them since the day they met. The twists and turns are even more captivating than before, and a long standing grudge is finally settled. This is a must read for anyone who likes to stay awake at night and continue to live the adventure long after the last page is turned.”

One reader of Prey said, “Mike Smitley has done it, again. This long-time police officer, turned author, has cranked out another thriller about a law enforcement officer, who has experienced some hard times, and is attempting to put his life and career back together, working as a PI. The book begins at a fast pace, and the story almost immediately takes you to scenic Idaho. The author is able to transport the reader to this wilderness area in a very skillful manner. The book is very suspenseful, and keeps your interest all the way through. Readers who are interested in firearms will be intrigued by this book. The author's knowledge of various types of weaponry is broad, and those who are firearms enthusiasts will appreciate his accuracy in this regard.”

About the Junction City Police Department

In May of 1858, the construction of a new community began near the location where the Republican and Smoky Hill Rivers join. The new community was named Junction City. Early law enforcement of the new community was handled by the County Sheriff, City Marshall, and often the protective device of Army regiments from nearby Fort Riley. The Provost-Marshall of Fort Riley was called upon to preserve the peace and maintain order. These early years were marked by many vigilante groups reported to use violence as the quickest form of justice.


In 1867 a City Marshall was appointed in Junction City to aid in the keeping of the peace, but it was not until a proclamation was made from the Mayor’s Office that "no citizen, officer or soldier, except when on duty, shall carry on their persons any pistol, revolver, bowie knife, or slug shot or other deadly weapon either concealed or otherwise, within the limits of Junction City", that civilization began to take hold in Junction City.


In the early 1870’s, Wild Bill Hickok was hired by the Mayor to clean up Junction City. Since that time, Junction City has had 28 different men appointed to the position of City Marshall or Chief of Police. The terms City Marshall and Chief of Police were used interchangeably in the early years. The role of Chief of Police has varied through the years even to include City Purchasing Agent and Street Commissioner.


The Patrol/Operations Division of the Junction City Police Department is the largest division in the department. It consists of the 36 officers who provide the active uniformed patrol functions on the street and the 10 members of the emergency 911 dispatch center. The members of this division are responsible for being the first line of defense in this community's fight against crime.




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