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Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics

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James R. Kelly

About the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics:

Created by statutory authority in 1971, the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics enforces the State's Uniform Controlled Substances Law. As the State's primary drug enforcement agency, the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics accomplishes its mission by confiscating drugs and other contraband, and by arresting suspected drug violators for prosecution under applicable state and federal laws.


The goals of the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics are to: Identify, target, and dismantle Drug Trafficking organizations responsible for illicit drug traffic and abuse in Mississippi; Enforce the Mississippi uniform controlled substance laws efficiently and effectively; Provide oversight of intrastate drug task forces; Target major drug trafficking organizations, violent career offenders, clandestine drug manufacturers, and violators of prescription drug laws; Protect state borders by targeting intra and interstate drug trafficking; Broaden agency intelligence through information sharing with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies; and, Participation in federal law enforcement task forces in order to ensure adequate and efficient use of agency resources.


The operations of the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics include a staff of approximately 200 employees. These employees are strategically located throughout the state and is divided into four regions – Northern, Central, Southern and Coastal. A Major commands each region. Each District within the region is commanded by a Captain and staffed with agents and support staff.

Selected book from a Mississippi Bureau of narcotics law enforcement official.

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