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Outside the Badge
Mitchell Grobeson  More Info

Sergeant Mitchell Grobeson was the Los Angeles Police Department’s first openly gay police officer. Following the publicity from his groundbreaking lawsuit against the Los Angeles Police Department’s discriminatory practices, Mitchell Grobeson created the first formal support group for Southern California gay and lesbian law enforcement, fire, rescue and paramedic professionals. He also formed and hosted the first Statewide and National conference of gay officers in California.


His first novel, “Outside the Badge,” tells the story of a serial killer hunting the streets of Los Angeles.  According to Jack Connolly, “That some members of the LAPD could use a good spanking is no secret; allegations of abuse within and outside the Los Angeles Police Department have been surfacing for years. In Outside the Badge, former LAPD Police Officer Mitchell Grobeson (who sued the department for discrimination--and won) takes actual events to weave a fictionalized account of a cop under siege--from the streets and from his own department. Grobeson obviously knows his territory. Those with a cop fetish will enjoy his authentic voice and his attention to police procedure. And the unconventional cover image of him as a hunky bare-chested hustler will surely win him fans. But his gritty tale is not for the faint-hearted: the descriptions of the doomed hustlers--mostly runaways--are heartbreaking, and the torture scenes are cold and graphic.”


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