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The Cozen Protocol is authored by a former member of the Milwaukee Police Department “writing under the pen name Mitchell Nevin.”  Mitchell Nevin is the author of The Cozen Protocol and Psychic Reprieve. 

According to the book description of The Cozen Protocol, it “is a fictional book that tells how corruption and poor leadership within a police organization touches the lives of a number of people who are, or have been, associated with that organization.

Mitchell Nevin uses the city of Milwaukee and the Milwaukee Police Department as his backdrop and blends elements of real incidents with fiction. The characters range from the Department’s police chief to members of the police department’s Internal Affairs Division to biker and Spanish gang members. Each chapter is another piece of a very interesting puzzle that, when complete, will neatly tie up any loose ends for the reader. Those who were members of the Milwaukee Police Department over the past 25 to 35 years will especially enjoy the challenge of trying to link the traits of the characters in the book to people they encountered throughout their own careers and will also remember many of the real life incidents that are blended into the story. Mitchell Nevin did an absolutely fantastic job of research in his preparation for writing this book.

Another part of the story line that the reader will find fascinating is the interaction between several of the law enforcement officer characters and a member of the media and defense attorney. Some may find themselves saying that part of the book is definitely fiction, but others may have their own experiences, which affirm the validity of that part of the story. Either way, it is one more piece of the puzzle that makes this book hard to put down. The Cozen Protocol also clearly identifies how inept leadership can influence the day-to-day environment of the working copper and detective; how important trust is in a law enforcement organization; and how difficult the job can be without trust. Personal ambition and big egos are usually recipes for disaster, as Mitchell Nevin illustrates. "



According to the book description of Psychic Reprieve, "R.C. is a rising star in baseball, until his world comes crashing down. Raised by his grandparents, Raunold Choquet has one dream in life, to play ball. When a hazing incident goes astray, he finds out that justice is not always blind. Reality sets in when he is attacked in prison. Awakening from a coma with piercing headaches and vivid dreams, he is left to sort out what is real, and what is not. Psychic Reprieve: Deception & Reality introduces us to a group of unlikely friends: a well-liked college baseball player, a disgraced Chicago police sergeant, and a folksy identify thief, as they seek to cash in on one of the trio's clairvoyant abilities. As their plan unfolds, the lines between deception and reality blur as the motivation for financial gain clashes with conscience, patriotism, and personal responsibility. Purported psychics use their talents - real or perceived - to provide a service and earn an income. In this particular line of work, scammers and snake oil salesmen sometimes move about like thieves in the night. Realists see psychic readings as a pricy form of entertainment. To those in search of inner peace, however, the hopes of bringing a loved one's killer to justice or communicating with a relative on 'the other side' can make them an easy mark for brazen charlatans. Mitchell Nevin's latest novel searches the shadowy expanses occupied by serial killers, cold-blooded terrorists, challenged detectives, troubled loved ones, and a gifted young man on a quest to mend his tattered reputation.

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