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Mona Ruiz

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Two Badges: The Lives Of Mona Ruiz
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About the Santa Ana Police Department

The Department has 700 employees providing a variety of police services, in positions as police officers, dispatchers, detention officers, and police service officers.  In addition to the Office of the Chief of Police, the Santa Ana Police Department is organized into five bureaus: Administrative Bureau; Field Operations Bureau; Investigations Bureau; Jail Bureau; and, Technology and Support Bureau.




In 1989, Mona Ruiz joined the Santa Ana Police Department (California).  She has worked patrol, gangs and narcotics.  A native of Santa Ana, she became a police officer after overcoming her youthful involvement with gangs and an abusive marriage. According to Arte Publico Press, “This engrossing memoir charts Ruiz’s journey toward self-identity, tracing the tortuous path of her life—a life in which Ruiz assumed contradictory roles: gang chola, high school drop-out, disowned daughter, battered wife, welfare mother, student, and policewoman. At each step in the journey, Ruiz faced violence, ridicule, and skepticism. She nevertheless prevailed in exchanging her badge of social defiance for one of protecting her community.”

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