In ancient Rome, Questories Paricidii were men literall assigned to seek, track & capture murders.

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Montclair Police Department (New Jersey)

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About the Montclair Police Department

The Police Department is staffed by 111 sworn police officers and organized into two divisions; the Uniform Division and the Investigative Division. The Uniform (Patrol) Division has the primary responsibilities of both proactive patrol and responding to calls for assistance. Additionally, both the Critical Response Team and Honor Guard fall within the Uniform Division’s scope of responsibilities.  In 2006, the Uniformed Division of the Montclair Police Department responded to 62,600 calls for service and made over 1,100 arrests.


The Investigative Division is responsible not only for the follow up inquiries into crimes and incidents that have already occurred, but also for proactive activities such as the detection and prevention of such crimes as narcotics distribution, Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) violations, prostitution, gambling, internet solicitation of minors and fraud.

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