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Montgomery County Sheriff's Office (Ohio)

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Dave Spaulding

About the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office is a full-service law enforcement agency with more than 466 employees and an annual budget exceeding thirty-six million dollars. In addition to the 900 bed jail facility on West Second Street, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office personnel are also assigned to one of the five units within the Operations Division” Special Investigations Section; Organized Crime Investigations; Patrol Headquarters; Jefferson Township; Harrison Township; and, Washington Township.


In addition to patrolling the unincorporated area of Montgomery County, personnel assigned to Patrol Headquarters are also responsible for a variety of the Operations Division’s support functions.  Some examples of those support positions include, Evidence Technicians (crime scene investigators), DARE instructors (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) and civil process.


The Special Investigations Section consists of a staff of detectives, victim advocates, and other support staff, and is supervised by a Sergeant.  The Special Investigations Section is responsible to investigate violent crimes that occur in the unincorporated areas of Montgomery County as well as the contract townships of Harrison, Jefferson, and Washington.  This includes crimes such as homicide, rape, robbery, serious assaults, child abuse and child sex crimes. Special Investigations also has a unit assigned to register and make sexual offender register notifications.


Selected book from a Montgomery County Sheriff's Office deputy sheriff.

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