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Searching for Evil: And the Perfect Donut
Richard A. Nable  More Info

Confronting Evil
Richard A. Nable  More Info

About the Fulton County Police Department 

On December 20, 1853, Fulton County was created out of portions of Cherokee, Coweta, Fayette, Gwinnett, and Henry counties. This new County Government would provide law enforcement through the newly created Sheriff's Department for the next 46 years.


On February 4, 1900, the Fulton County Commission organized a small unit of peace officers and named them the Inspectors of Roads and Bridges. Their Chief was Mr. Allison O. Turner. These 13 Officers received their arrest powers through the Fulton County Sheriff's Department and patrolled the unincorporated areas of Fulton County, paying special attention to those areas just outside the Atlanta city limits.


In 1909, the Georgia General Assembly passed Statute #236 which allowed counties to create and maintain police departments with the same power of arrest the Sheriffs of Georgia possessed. On October 6, 1909, the Fulton County Board of Commissioners approved an act which established, for the first time, a genuine Fulton County Police Department. Chief Turner, who had retired in 1907, was replaced by Zack F. Rowan. It could be argued that Chief Rowan was the first official Police Chief of Fulton County.




Nable was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia.  In 1987, Richard Nable graduated from the University of Richmond, Virginia with a bachelor’s degree in biology. After college, Richard returned to his hometown area and joined the Fulton County Police Department. Although a full-time patrol officer, Richard also provides training to recruit and veteran officers in the areas of law, search and seizure, use of force and tactics.  He is a certified firearms instructor and driving instructor.


There are lots of names for law violators – suspects, subjects, perps, defendants, as so on.  But in Richard’s first book, “Searching for Evil….and the Perfect Donut,” the criminals all go by the name of evil. The work, he says, “refers to an action in and of itself and is not meant as a commentary on any person’s worth as a human being. … People, who are essentially good, can in fact do things that are evil. For some, evil is all they know.” Although his approach can be philosophical—quoting, for example, Heraclitus—Nable tells stories that have the bite of reality. His pursuit of Evil usually winds up on foot, often with bullets ricocheting round him.


His follow-up work, Confronting Evil, is a compilation of tales from the streets woven together by this veteran police officer. With his unique wit and style he entertains and educates with all the drama and excitement that can only come from real life experiences. In addition, this book will introduce you to colorful metaphors like "The Evil Drug Fairy" and "The Big Red Hump" as well as concepts like "The Deadly Force Spectrum" and "The Four Ps of Reaction Dynamics".

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