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Napa Valley Railroad Police Department (California)

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Greg Miraglia

About the Napa Valley Railroad Police Department

The Napa Valley Railroad Police Department was formed in 1999. The Napa Valley Railroad had operated a non-sworn Public Safety Department since 1989, but the unique nature of the services provided by the railroad and an increasing frequency of theft, vandalism, trespass and grade crossing incidents, coupled with the growth potential of the railroad, led to the formation of the Police Department.  The mission of the Police Department is based in public safety and service to the community. We protect the patrons, passengers, employees and freight transported by the railroad, as well as protecting the assets, property and right of way.


The Napa Valley Railroad Police Department is currently staffed with three railroad police officers and two public safety officers, all of whom report to the Public Safety Director. The Napa Valley Railroad Police Department is one part of a long history of law enforcement on the rails.


The Napa Valley Railroad Police Department has officers on duty whenever trains are operating on the line. A police officer is available on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The police officers are available to handle any and all railroad related matters including safety issues, criminal matters and traffic collisions on the right of way.

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