The police officers of the Political Era were given jobs as political favor.

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Narberth Borough Police Department (Pennsylvania)

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Robert Yantorno

About the Narberth Police Department 

According to the Narberth Police Department, “Police protection is handled by elected or appointed constables with occasional assistance from Lower Merion Police Department for special events and emergencies. The following history tells of the beginning years of the Narberth Police Department.

April 12, 1914 - Police and Health Committee instructed to secure police protection for the Borough of Narberth. With this instruction, Narberth sought their first police officer. May 11, 1914 - The Police and Health Committee, with the assistance of Lower Merion Police Captain Donaghy and a resolution by Committee Chairman Smedley, set out to find a police officer with experience. At this time the thought was to possibly hire a retired officer from Philadelphia.

August 31, 1914 - The Police and Health Committee, with the recommendation of Police Captain Donaghy of the Lower Merion Police Department, appointed Mr. Daniel J. Hill or Camden, NJ police officer. The Borough of Narberth paid Mr. Hill a salary of $600 per year, paid monthly. March 13, 1922 - Agreement for support services with Lower Merion Police Department ratified.

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