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National City Police Department (California)

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Don Geidel

About the National City Police Department

According to the National City Police Department, “The City of National City was incorporated in 1887 and it is the second oldest city in San Diego County. National City was originally part of the 26,000 acre El Rancho de La Nacion which was purchased in 1868 by Frank Kimball. The National City Police Department began with the appointment of J.C. Crain as Town Marshall.

By 1935, the Police Department grew to twelve officers including the Chief of Police. The population grew to approximately 8,000 residents and the main business district was located along National Avenue, between 5th and 11th Street.

By 1954, The Police Department consisted of four patrol cars, two detective units, one under-cover vehicle, a combination patrol-ambulance vehicle, four motor-cycles, and a pound wagon. The National City Police Department grew from the days of the Town Marshall into a modern department with 34 officers including the Chief of Police.

In 1993, the new Police Station was built along the 1200 block of National City Blvd. Prior to this facility, the station was located in the basement floor of City Hall. Presently, the National City Police Department employs 92 police officers and 43 professional staff members serving approximately 59,000 residents in a nine square mile area.”

Books authored by law enforcement officials of the National City Police Department:

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