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Thomas E. Brannon

About the Naval Criminal Investigative Service

In a dangerous and complex world, threats against America and its military forces continue to proliferate and evolve.  Standing between these threats and the people, families, and assets of the Navy and Marine Corps is a unique, highly-trained, and effective team of special agents, investigators, forensic experts, security specialists, analysts, and support personnel: NCIS, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

NCIS is the primary law enforcement and counterintelligence arm of the United States Department of the Navy. It works closely with other local, state, federal, and foreign agencies to counter and investigate the most serious crimes: terrorism, espionage, computer intrusion, homicide, rape, child abuse, arson, procurement fraud, and more.

NCIS is the Navy's primary source of security for the men, women, ships, planes, and resources of America's seagoing expeditionary forces worldwide.  NCIS' three strategic priorities are to: Prevent Terrorism; Protect Secrets; and, Reduce Crime.

Selected book by a Naval Criminal Investigative Service law enforcement official:

The Relentless Pursuit of the Truth: A Tribute to Jacqueline Jane Wurst, Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class, United States Navy
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