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Be Alert, Be Aware, Have a Plan: The Complete Guide to Personal Security
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About the Delray Police Department

The Delray Police Department consists of over 150 sworn police officers and 74 civilian personnel. The Delray Police Department is organized with Administration, Support, Investigations and the three policing districts answering directly to the chief of police.


The Delray Police Department has an extensive array of community and volunteer activities such as police explorers, volunteer training division, Hispanic-American roving patrol and others.


According to the Delray Police Department, “As a Delray Beach Police Explorer, you will receive extensive police oriented training in traffic stops, defensive tactics, firearms, report writing, and courtroom testimony. The Delray Beach Police Explorers are active within the community.  Explorers are often called upon to assist in crime prevention & awareness.  They attend homeowners meetings, vehicle anti-theft program meetings, Youth Fairs, and assist in the prevention of missing children. Delray Beach Police Explorers provide assistance to the Community Patrol and the Investigative Division.  Once qualified, you are issued a Police Explorer uniform and get to ride with Police Officers as well as provide security for special events.”




Neal Rawls was a sergeant with the Delray Police Department (Florida).  During his police career, he made an impressive number of felony arrests, including robbers, smugglers, rapists and murderers.  Neal Rawls received 14 commendations, led a tactical unit for in-progress crimes, was civil defense liaison for his department, and Public Information Officer.  Additionally, Neal Rawls was an instructor at the Palm Beach County Police Academy and Palm Beach Community College, teaching firearms; pursuit and defensive driving; surveillance; arrest, search and seizure; and the use of personal defensive weapons.


Neal Rawls holds a BA in criminology and a Master's Criminal Justice.  In 1981, Rawls went into private industry as a personal bodyguard for a corporate executive.  He was promoted to director of security for the corporation, charged with designing and developing security protocols for company offices worldwide.  He became a private consultant in 1997. Rawls is a Level III Homeland Security Specialist certified through the American College of Forensic Examiners International, and a member of the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS).


Neal Rawls is the author of Be Alert, Be Aware, Have a Plan: The Complete Guide to Personal Security.  According to the book description, “being prepared means being in control. Here is hard-won advice from a veteran security expert for people who want to protect themselves and their families in any situation. Whether you're letting the kids out to play, making an ATM withdrawal, driving through a strange city, or leaving your home for a weeklong vacation, the threat of danger-unlikely as you hope it might be-is real. Rather than focusing on fixing problems after they've occurred, Be Alert, Be Aware, Have a Plan shows how to prevent them in the first place. You don't need a personal bodyguard, rigorous training, or a fortified living space to live safely, points out Neal Rawls. What you do need is a sense of security that will lead to good habits that in turn will keep you safe.”

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